28 Jun 2010

Rainbow Prince

Rainbow Prince
He is pretty and witty
 A perfect secret soul mate
He lives in her diaries and heart
Someone she calls her own
He travels with her all day
And rests in her words at night
He fills her dreams with magic
He grew with her words over the years
A bonding untold
He knows her teenage dreams
He knows her ambitions
He is her boyfriend
Whom she makes jealous
She looks up to him to wipe her tears
She looks up to him to hug her joys
She lives a life with a life with him
Far away from the eyes of people around her
He sits beside her until she catches sound sleep
She tells him everything happened on that day
 He is her warrior who fights for her anger
She tries to find him in those pretty faces
That catches her attention
He is her ideal man
But she knows, nobody can be like him
He is her confidante to store her secrets
He never hurts her, just loves her
She prefer this prince over all flirts
 Cos they look for only fun
They don’t have time for her feelings
This is her perfect fairytale love story
That keeps her going in her loneliness
There is no place for heartbreaks
As she fights and patches up everyday
A routine she loves to follow
She has obligations to meet
Can’t hurt anyone,
He taught her what love is  
Gave her courage to face life
He lets her enjoy life to the fullest
Finding happiness in whatever she do
Someday a man will come to take her away
But, she will take her rainbow prince with her
She will try to assimilate him in her man
A tough task, but it’s a wish

This poem is about a secret imaginary lover of my friend.There might be million rainbow princes living in hearts of millions of girls.  


Desert Rose said...

you touched the magical truth with words of gold Nithin..
she has a smile on her face
a tear that only he could erase
taking a deep breath
she will fade one day
but her love for him will stay
carved with her words
on the walls of time.

I love every word.thank you for such a wonderful gift..

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for reading :) well,this poem is something about real life feelings.Glad that you liked this.