5 Jun 2010

Re-incarnation of the Extinct

The world is incomplete without you
Countless beautiful animals and birds
We the humans made sure that
You never took birth again
In this helpless earth controlled by us
Our ancestors hunted you down
With the passion for hunting down trophies
To show how brave they were
Or just simply brought unknown enemies
From lands far away without warning
And they simply butchered you down
As if, their hunger never ceased
Some left this earth even before humans took birth
As generations passed by
Curiosity about a lost world of species
Learnt from the encyclopedias and various books
Made some researchers to excavate
To find the remnants of an old world
They found the bones of mammoths, dinosaurs
And countless species
They found countless dormant eggs
They found their ages with carbon dating
And all new techniques
They recreated their body with softwares
And real 3d models
They came up with countless assumptions
About the lifestyle
And the extinction of those species
Made documentaries and movies to show the old eras
To the young kids and to fascinate them
With genome codes, cloning coming to the fore
Along with the crazy minds trying to make artificial life
It won’t be a surprise
If someone crack the genome codes of those species
And then extracting DNA’s from eggs or bones
Or from any preserved bodies
And cloning them to give a re-incarnation
Like we saw in Jurassic park
Our zoos are obsolete with familiar animals
New animals from old era will usher it  
Even then some another species will extinct
Well they can die in peace
With a hope that
Humans will re-incarnate them from the extinct
One day 

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