11 Jun 2010


As I walk
I notice interesting things
With curiosity
From distance, I saw a dad
And his two small daughters
Elder was riding her small cycle
In front of their shop
While the younger one watched
Her sister riding the cycle
It was evening
It was time for tuitions
Dad started his bike
I thought he was going to drop the elder one
At her tuition center on bike
He placed her bag on his bike
But he just took his younger girl
And made her sit comfortably at the front
And he moved slowly
I saw the elder girl riding her cycle
Following him slowly
I realized that he was just
Giving her the confidence
To ride her cycle along that road
So that
She will be able to ride one day alone
To her tuition home
Without escort of her dad
It is quite interesting
As I’ve seen many parents
Always taking their daughters to places
And never letting them to travel alone
That deprives them valuable experience
Of becoming self reliant
As they have to wait for parents or siblings
Even to take them to their friend’s home
One can say it’s not safe to travel alone
For them
But then, nowhere is safe for anyone
Only with opportunities to do things alone
We get to understand our frailties
Then from experience, we become courageous
And in adverse conditions
Courageous people never buck down
They will try to find a way out of tricky situations
I feel we should protect kids
But we should give them confidence
To be self-reliant
As when they grow up, they have to face life
And this big damn bad world on their own
We can’t have them scared then
By over protecting them now
As it can make them too dependent
And it will just keep parents worried
Even when they are grown up
Feeling that they haven’t travelled alone before
Just let the beautiful angels
Learn to be self-reliant
You will see them facing life boldly and succeeding

I wrote this poem after being inspired by a dad i saw on road,who lead his daughter to her class.It's important that girls are given confidence to be self-reliant right from childhood.It will help them to face life in a better manner.

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