4 Jun 2010

Sold for a few pennies

With tears
She looked at her smiling baby
Who just got into this world
Just a while ago
She was proud to be a mother
But she couldn’t afford
To raise her kid
Like she dreamt
Beautiful attires
Lot of toys
Nice food and education
Nor a good home
Destined to struggle
Facing a race against time
Every day
Just to survive another day
With scant resources
When other kids
Play around with fun
She couldn’t take her soul
To such a struggle
When she has to fight
To meet ends
As she can’t even spend time
She was alone 
To face this life
Scared to think
About a treacherous future
For her beloved soul
She thought to give it
A new lease of life
A prosperous journey
With love and care
As someone who craves to love
Ready to take her soul away
Ready to
Spend a fortune
For rest of life
To raise her baby with love
She didn’t want money
To survive
She just wanted to get her baby
A secured future
That she can’t even dream to deliver
She kissed her baby for last time
She may not ever see her soul again
But she felt relieved
As she handed over
Her baby to an excited woman
She saw her sparkling eyes
Filled with ecstasy
Like that in small kids
When they get what they wish
Yeah it’s been a wait for long time
It’s been her only wish
Now it’s fulfilled
She cried as she kissed that baby
For the first time
She gave the mother
A bundle of currency
Well ,that money didn’t mean much
May be can get her some breathing time
To search for avenues to live
Baby kept smiling
As she turned around
Walked gingerly
Tears were unstoppable
She didn’t turned back once
As she couldn’t bear that sight
Seeing her baby being taken away
She walked to her home
Cursing at her own plight
Cursing at the man who left her
Costing her beloved baby
Forced to live forever
With the memories
Of a few moments with her baby
Feeling guilty
That she sold her soul for few pennies
But, she had no other choice
All she can do is pray for her baby


Roopa said...

vry nice touchin poem dear, was almost in tears readin dis

wel sorry 2 say, der r few grammatic errors, it goes on like dis-
line 8= its she dreamt, no word such a dreamed
2nd last line= But, she has no other choice, its she had no choice n not has

in all i liked d poem a lottttt, n hope no other woman gets such a prob in life, i pity a lot dis woman, der r women who r childless, der r women who hav child but r pennyless, i jus hope no woman has to face any such problem

nice poem dear, 1 of ur masterpiece, kip it up

Amy Barlow Liberatore said...

Oh, this touched me very deeply.

Typos? They get fixed by editors. But the source of the poem, the soul of the poet - that's what counts. I really didn't pick up on anything but the heartbreak, especially knowing that this situation is all too common.

This is lovely work, thank you for sharing it with us! Peace, Amy

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for your comments.Well,i will rectify the errors.