22 Jul 2010


They talks about an n-dimensional world
They lives inside a cage of blissful illusion
They claim about achieving elusive peace
Inhaling their miraculous puffs of smoke
Or injecting soul twisting venom on veins
That they consider as the heavenly solution
To jump down from the cliff of life’s troubles
To fly away from the tip of depressing failures
They seek the den of exquisite darkness to hide
As it looks impervious through their clouded eyes
They build secret kingdoms of enchanting silence
Then scouts for preys to strengthen their dynasty
Sells the bait of a world unknown to the hapless
The clone of a mythical heaven rooted on earth
Those who fall for this lust will remain as victim
Until someone, sprinkle the refining rays of hope
To rescue them from the clutches of this fatal evil

I am late. However, I wrote this poem to participate in three word Wednesday blog carnival . I simply loved this concept. The three words for this edition are bait, jump, & victim. Visit to check other entries. Thanks J


ThomG said...

A very interesting look at addiction and the slippery slope it becomes. Thanks for finding 3WW, but know that you've got time to post, a whole week. Heck, I'm the administrator and Chief Word Picker and my contribution was No. 39. It's been a long week at work.

Amity said...

I feel pity to those who are victims of this, but what usually drives them to become addicts has something to do with social and family circumstances and problems...

This is a very good take on the prompts...giving us awareness, helping us veer away from the clutches of this fatal evil!

Btw Nithin, you write very good acrostics as I have read in your preceding post.

Why not join us at Acrostic Only where every month, 13 prompts are posted for us to work on them.

Do try, you're very good at it! This is the link, please visit:


Nithin R S said...

ThomG, thanks for visiting. Well i liked your event. Looking forward to participate in coming editions as well. Well, i will read your submission. Hope that the event invoke interest in lot of people. All the best. :)

Nithin R S said...

Amity, thanks for your insight on my poem. Well, i am glad to receive your invitation.I will join in your acrostic only event. Thanks for the invitation. Have a nice day ahead. :)

flaubert said...

addiction is a horrible thing!
and you have expressed it quite well here!

Luisa Doraz said...

Very intense. Brilliantly done. Hats off to you. :) Have a fun weekend. :)

Nithin R S said...

Pamela, Thanks for reading. Yes, all sorts of addiction are horrible.

Thanks Luisa.Have a great weekend. Enjoy. :)

Donna Hole said...

I like the introspective feel to this. It has a nice rhythm; easy flow.

And the pix enhanced the emotion.

Excellent excerpt.


Nithin R S said...

Donna , Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad that you liked the concept. Have a nice weekend.

K said...

you've given us a unique look at the world of addiction...very vivid and complex. You've given those three words real life. Good work.

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for the encouragement. K, have a great week ahead. :)