1 Jul 2010

Isla Amor

Isla Amor
A small island of curse
In the Brazilian seaway
Surrounded by white beach
Lush green with bushes and coconut trees
Bought for romantic honeymoon
Turned out to be the last straw
In a relation
Now one of the cheapest islands
Something painful for owner
Trying to forget at the best
About a lost wedding diamond ring
A ruined honeymoon
Mysterious downfall of a doggie
A failed attempt to cheer
The Heartbroken wife
Horrible hours of dehydrations
A long wait for help from mainland
Bed ridden days in clinic
And a tragic divorce aftermath
May be it’s a lucky land
That measured the depth of love
 That didn’t existed as he expected
He showered his wealth to make her happy
But she couldn’t bear a tough day
Neither his riches was able stop her from leaving
Nor his painful tears of love
Isla Amor, teaches the lesson
True love stands by at all tough times
Glittering feelings vanishes in moments forever
He may call it as Isla Cadella
Instead of Isla Amor 
But it’s his lucky charm that freed him
Towards a world of true love,
That he will discover one day

 This poem is totally inspired by an ad of an island for sale. For more details check out Isla Amor


Kenia Cris said...

I really wish I got myself inspired by everything I see around me. Beautiful poem my dear Nithin!


Nithin R S said...

Felt sorry for the owner,after reading his experience.I just felt that i should write something on this.Thanks for your comment.Have a great day.Looking forward to your new poems.