15 Jul 2010

Lightning Mystery

A lightning struck my lonely hear
Though, there were no rain clouds around
I wonder where it came from!
I wonder, what is happening with me!
I saw the ever-blue canvas of vast sky
Filled with stars, asteroids, meteorites
Planets and their countless moons
Right through the goggles of sunshine
Sun dwarfed all of them
With an attitude of an emperor
I saw the pride of a mighty ruler
While shipping back to my curious heart
I found some pockets of mystery
Left behind by that surprise lightning
Am I confused or uncertain?
Am I excited or shocked?
I am bundled with countless questions
An aura of blind hope
It has swamped over the rest of my heart
I can’t understand this feeling
Something new, but not unfamiliar
I feel, I am ready for an adventure
I don’t know where it will lead me to
I am touched by the gracious prospects
Sometimes some risks are worth
More than money, lust, and emotions
As there is a heaven of serene life
Awaiting amidst the clouds of anxious hearts
As i rewind that lightning again 
I am finding some intimate response
Emerging from those mysterious pockets
Well, I need to solve this mystery
I don’t know what is there awaiting
But, I am liking this sweet little
Mystery lightning somehow

After all this heart thrives on the mystery.Well it is a good thing to have in life at times.

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