8 Jul 2010

My Pleasantly disturbed Thursday

I hardly slept during night
Due to a troublesome flu
Set alarm to wake up so early
To call my friend
Whenever I felt like sleeping
Some thoughts keep coming into mind
I kept scribbling down
Into pieces of poems
After travelling through the highways
Of my memories
I saw my ever-pleasant village
Innocence prevails in its atmosphere
I saw the people I left behind
The ones who cared me so much
My lonely childhood
The places where I used to play
With my imaginary friends
I wonder how I started hating it
Though the warmth of their love
Still touches my heart
I saw how my life took shape
From my lonely childhood
As I scrambled through my options
Seeked suggestions from others
I found my mind in a state of stagnation
I searched whole day for an inspiration
Until I saw pleasantly disturbed Thursday
I realized, I have to get back to the past
To dig the treasure of memories
To churn out the missing pieces in my collection
My words
I wonder, the more I try to put lid on
Those dark days of my life
It seems to flash inspiring visuals
For me to cultivate my art
Now, curiosity has taken over my heart
To find out the meaning of forgotten relations
Those priceless moments  
The wish to go out and find those
To see, how they are
But , I don’t want to walk back to those corridors
As I have to move on to new pastures

 This poem is written for participating in Duane-Scott's Blog Carnival. Please visit. 


HisFireFly said...

Beautifully random and scattered yet somehow connected as well!

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for your comment.

Sandra Heska King said...

Dark days flashing inspiration. Not your exact words, but I like that thought. Sadness here. And hope.

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for your comment.well,at any point of life,hope is the driving force for any individual..