9 Jul 2010

Shade of Darkness

Darkness, a shade of unknown fear,
which blinds the vision, in a way.
It prompts eyes to seek rays of light
To find the lost path and direction
Without maps of emotions
To get to a secured shelter

Darkness is the colorful pain
In the eyes of a blind
The only color that makes up a huge world
A color that reminds the presence of
A brighter world that is beyond them
It befriended the colorless noise
To guide through a strange world
Built with dreams and passion
But kept alive with the means of sinful desire
To make it bigger for comfort, not for peace
A place, not meant for those who struggle
It’s a big damn world of brightness
Where even the ones with bright eyes
Wander in its wilderness in search of hope

Darkness is an endless void that fills heart
When love cease to rise from depths
Of the solemn soul
As it lost its wings in the fury of fate
Charred into ashes of peace
Destined to embrace the freedom of heaven
Away from the world of hatred

Just as this bright day, the dark night also fascinates me with its treasure of mysteries to explore,and i am just trying to unearth some.

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