4 Jul 2010

Slaughtered Hand

A mistake
Intentional or unintentional
Brought the wrath from all directions
Mobs burned his effigies
Mobs demanded his blood
Some waited for law to take its course
But a few couldn’t wait
They executed their own law
By slaughtering a hand
That wrote things they didn’t like
Though everyone has right to express
Their thoughts and opinions
From nowhere he became famous
His words made him the enemy
Of chauvinists who talks about god
But god never assigned anyone
To execute anyone
For talking against the will of god
The palm less hand strikes the eye
As the symbol of hatred
Spread by heartless
Religiously blinded chauvinists
The enemy of humanity

This is about a person whose hand was butchered by some anti-social miscreants for expressing radical opinions.

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