26 Jul 2010


Stand up to cheer all the fighting losers
To acknowledge their ever silly brave hearts
And then show your funny support
Nimbly to their over egoistic effort
Dust their pride by showering boos from gallery 

Acrostic Limerick on 'STAND'. Prompt # 8 in acrostic only blog carnival. Visit the site for more acrostic poetry.Image courtesy : alterebro .


Amity said...

True!!! Very true!

An interesting take on limerick acrostic!!!

The Write Girl said...

This is a clever and fun acrostic. Thanks so much for your visit.

Nithin R S said...

Amity, i truely love the acrostic poetry.Thanks for inviting me to that blog. Looking forward to next month's prompts. The explanation of limerick in that blog was very helpful.

The write girl, thanks for reading. Hope that you enjoyed this.