31 Aug 2010

Get Well Soon

Galaxy of well-wishers
Earnestly lend ears
To hear from you

Words of relief
Elaborating feelings
Longs to see you smiling
Languidly to mark the recovery

Scores of faithful prayers may bring
Odor of divine blessings from heaven to
Optimize your desire to be back on your feet
Nectars of belief may get you colors of life soon

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29 Aug 2010


New bride brimming with hopes and dreams
Oddly entered the husband’s home with left foot
Raging mother in law  
Told her son to out-law
His Inauspicious wife from home and life 

*In india bride is supposed to enter her  husband's home with her right foot as part of custom and traditional beliefs. Well, that itself is a ceremony. Bride is given a traditional lamp to carry with her while entering home, down south. This limerick is written on prompt# 8 in acrosticonly blog carnival .Image courtesy : e-wanka

27 Aug 2010

St Beer

It smells yuck
It tastes bitter
But its divine drink
For die-hard followers
When the air is hot
It can quench the thirst
And silence the senses
Friends on couch
Snacks on table
Stbeer on glasses
Makes friends party
Cheers mate!
A cool company
During sleepless nights
Watching night games
With friends
Friends’ gives dares
Fellows gulp bottles
Of heavenly Stbeer
To prove mettle
In the end
After heavy drinks
It’s time for snake dance
With senses out of order
Walks like swaying snake
Even ends up with
customary vomiting session
Stbeer gifts big belly
For belly dance
Budweiser, Carlsberg,
Castle lager, Coors light,
Foster, Guinness,
Heineken, Kingfisher
Miller Lite, Sam Adams
Stbeer lives in countless souls
Partner for all seasons
Prayer to forget pain
For all those who love
Bit of fun

Well this poem is for all those who love beer. Drink less and keep yourself healthy. 
Images courtesy : alwayshungryny & rlv.zcache

26 Aug 2010

Help Please

Curious guys looked towards the old villa
As they saw the glimpse of new resident  
Mini skirt made her hotty  
Naughtily she turned her booty  
With wrinkled smile, she said, please help to move stuffs

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Get me some killing words

 Good enough to be drugs

That could freeze my heart

 As anxiety is carving out

Breathe away from my soul

Image courtesy: healthycrunch

25 Aug 2010


Chirpy voices that makes home lively
Holders of baton of future for parents
Instruments that play rhythm of life
Lake of innocence that charms hearts
Dream of ten months, colors of a lifetime
Regarded as gift from god, to care and love  
Eagerly waits to grow up to be like their idols
Names to rely on when age slows down the senses  

Written on prompt # children to participate in bridgetchumbley blog carnival. Visit to check out others creative writings. Thanks :) to  randomthoughtz for this lovely image. 


Earning a degree
Defines the status
Underlines the potential
Casts as qualified
Although ill equipped
To face life
Industry need skilled
Our system creates
Naïve ambitious muggers

This is written on prompt# 10 'Education'  in acrosticonly blog carnival. Images thanks to : image.shutterstock  &  tristategeneralstore .

24 Aug 2010

Event mis-Management

So, it’s going to be another crazy rush
Little time left to organize everything around
Done, nobody have any idea to fix this mess
So, it seems there will be huge bills to settle
Much of the chairs are crushed, so is the stage
To greet guests, there is a mad elephant waiting
Do nothing; the whole buffet is lying scattered 

This is written on prompt # "So little done so much to do" - last words of Cecil John. Please visit carryontuesdayprompt blog carnival to read others writings. Thanks :)  Image courtesy : s.ytimg .

Prank : Rakhi

A new office girl was irritated by the
Flirting and comments from her colleagues
Her friends arranged a party
She lured guys with love to the party   
Shocked them by tying rakhi’s in hands at party 

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*If a girl tie Rakhi on guy's hand , from then on she will consider him as brother.He is expected to treat her as sister and care her.Generally, girls tie rakhi on the hands of their brothers or those whom they consider as brothers. Images courtesy : thanks to  millionface  & gingerchai .


River of love between sisters and brothers
Are strengthened by a dam of divine knot
Keyed to the hands of brothers by sisters
Humble brothers swear to protect them always
Intimately, they gifts sisters for their prayers and love 

Today its Rakhi. This is my gift  to all those sisters who consider me as brother. Prompt#7 in  acrosticonly . Image courtesy : Thanks to greetings.webdunia & coolorkutscraps .

23 Aug 2010


Pile of thoughts nailed me in a wily looP
Egged me towards my forgotten desirE
Naïve heart chased a blind redemptioN
Settled for small wishes and silly glorieS
Instead of challenging the waves of alibI
Voices of emotions urged me to be a leV
Ending the era of losses towards ablazE

*Lev : Yiddish name meaning lion.*Alibi : regrets 
This poem is written on prompt # "pensive" for participating in the onesingleimpression blog carnival. Please visit to read other writer's works. Thanks :) Images courtesy : fc00.deviantart & an-cat-dubh


Dragging the life towards
An unknown path out of curiosity
Never presents pleasant journey
Gradual unveiling of shocking events
Encounters the mythical confidence
Rugged path and dodgy Samaritans
Outsources the act of terrifying for big sums
Urge of fighting injustice can turn fatal and ugly
Stay away from the corridors of crime, be safe !

This is written on prompt # "Dangerous" in onesingleimpression . Image courtesy : Thanks to dragoart .

20 Aug 2010

Mouth Watering



Written on prompt# 5 ‘ Mouth Watering’ in  acrosticonly blog carnival. Challenge:  One word per line. 

Images courtesy : celebrity-gossip   &  alpsports . 

19 Aug 2010


Curse        for     poor
Agony       for     rich
Sensual     for     greedy
Housing    for     prosperity 

Written on prompt # 3 cash in acrosticonly blog carnival. Challenge: Three words per line.
Images courtesy : Thanks to onlineinvesting  & phototour.minneapolis


Two legs surfaced on an idle lake
Made the sleepy leisure hunters abruptly anxious
A weird hat in the vicinity
Added fire to the intensity
Until a pretty girl rose like a dolphin 

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18 Aug 2010


A land of colors, cultures, and wildlife
From where the ancestors of humans
Rose into prominence in this big world
Ill-treated for centuries in the dark ages  
Carries the hope of millions of deprived
As they try to rise in the new world order

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Disgruntled workforce

Gruel some nature of contemporary jobs
Rips apart the high levels of expectation
Impatient peers consistently moves on
Making lame excuses of unbearable stress
All along in this competitive business world
Casting doubts over the human comforts
Exhilarating the demands of parity in pay

Pushing people towards ambitious productivity regime
Hastens their desire to exit for less turbulent pastures
After all everyone wish to work for securing their families
Seeking all their energy and time for unrealistic deadlines
Endangers the harmony of an aspiring peaceful work space

Stuck on a boring job that extracts the skills with betraying pay
Tires out even the hearts of ever-loyal passionate employees
Unless there is motivation in the form of promotion and perks
Mind it, no body wish to live for the sake of working all the time
Better time- frames and work distributions can ease the nerves
Instilling fresh confidence in  an out of sorts insecure work force
Eager to have ample time to enjoy their lives with the loved ones

This poem is based on the prompts # grimace, phase, & stumble in threewordwednesday blog carnival. Please visit to read other writers work. Images courtesy : theepochtimes & ithirewire . Thanks

17 Aug 2010

Outsider’s prize

Life turned out to be nothing more than a joke
When a demanding relation leveraged emotions
As if, every fault was committed by one sinful soul
Though two souls make a couple and a relation
All the efforts to save the nostalgic company
Went busting like the oil spill in a harmonious sea
As it became impossible to clean up the dirt
From the murky landscapes inside the hearts
As efforts got marred by thick layers of hatred
It turned out to be desperate fight to win a war
On a non-existent cause, as things turned out to be
A toothless foolish prank from an innocent lust
That did’t last the distance, as bubbles don’t last long
It had to burst with implications beyond expectations
As the rolling chair of lust moved to another direction
The clouds kept the sun away from the truth for long
Until it rained and revealed them through floods of tears
By then, time had healed the scars of horrible piercings
Over the senseless taunts, jealousy and deception
That caused clashes between multiple egos
With one trying to protect the much loved glorious prize
And the other one trying to snatch away the lost possession
In between these insane ego wars, prize lost its sheen
The desire vanished to the infinity while seeking peace
Remedy came in the form of fate as an outsider came in
With a claim on the prize with the support from around
Inevitable break-up and the agonizing loss welcomed
The helpless souls to a question, what did they achieve?
Nothing but tears, hatred to end up with nothing
As the outsider took away the prize with much delight!

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It was Love at first sight


It took me to a world, beyond skies, tears and joy

Was I dreaming or just lived a surprise worth a lifetime!

Love, it has conquered my ever-wandering heart in a flash 

At once, I saw her dazzling eyes brimming with a divine hope

First, it was disbelief, but she swept away my fears with a smile 

Sight, I will never forget that, for all the rich treasures in this world 

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16 Aug 2010

Barren Ocean

I found myself lost in a vast ocean
Devoid of a single drop of water
It looked like a haunted desert
With no trace of any life
I walked through the deepest channels
May be an undersea river
The golden sand gave the touch of sun’s fury
As my legs got the sun burns
I walked with a hope of finding an escape route
But I had no idea about the directions
So I kept walking through the channel
I was hungry and thirsty
All along, I saw the dried remnants of coral reefs
The remains of countless whales and sharks
And other small species
I saw the towering vessels of bygone eras
Full of treasures, history and skeletons
I wondered, what happened to this massive ocean!
I remembered my journey on a vast ship
For a holiday trip through the same path
How did I wake up on the naked floor of barren ocean?
How did the water vanish like a magician’s trick?
At distance I saw a glowing crater, may be a trench
I suspected it as a mirage for my deluded heart
But when I looked down to its depths
I found enough water to drink for a while
With nowhere to go, destined to end up as bare bones
I had only two choices to make
Whether to go as farther as I can by gambling on luck
Or to accept the cruel fate and end the journey
In the precious trench filled with a bit of water
I didn’t think twice
I just jumped down to the oasis of hope
With the freedom of a first time flying bird
Splashing away the agony by embracing the chilly water
I woke up from a barren dream

There are some dried up ocean parts in the world. Aral sea is an example. Also there is a patch of dried up sea floor in the himalayas. Visit thursday-13 & pleasantly-disturbed-thursdays- for checking out on other writers thoughts.Thanks. :) Image courtesy: Thanks to himalayanenfielder & thewere42.files

12 Aug 2010

A Road in my memories

When I was a kid, I used to daydream about a new road that could connect my native home in that lonely hill to the main road. Though I loved scaling down that hill to go to my school and loved climbing it back in the evening to get home, it was tiring. During monsoon season, it was fun to scale down the hill in company of rain streams, which run down the hill to join the channel on the side of paddy fields. I think my inspiration to write may have derived from those lonely walks through different paths in that hill. I was never alone in those journeys as thoughts and imaginary friends kept me cheerful. In the morning, the exuberance of getting to the school made the journeys exciting and the eagerness to get to the home made the return journeys interesting. I still remember the resolve of one of my friend along that path who dug a well for his family with some others as I watched the progress during my journeys alongside his home.

It is crazy to imagine about a road big enough for trucks to get to the top of that daunting hill. There was only a small path, which could barely accommodate two people to walk through it at the same time. Now when I go to my native home in a vehicle, I try to call back the memories of old landscape, as road brought more people to that hill. With lot of houses, now it looks so different. To be fair, road is too steep and raw for vehicles to climb. My first journey through that road was not that memorable as I barely had any senses while sitting beside my dad’s lifeless body on that ambulance. I never thought that I would have to go there after seven long years. Unfortunately, I had to go there again six months later with my grandfather’s body. Well my dream road welcomed me in a rather bizarre way.

Thoughts about that road bring memories of my lonely games with my imaginary friends. I used to build small vehicles using coconut leaves and small coconuts. Well, my wildest wish was to build a bus using wood, but with an engine, so that kids can have fun travelling through the road. I even dreamed that one-day buses or vehicles would be able to transport the believers to the church, which is next to my home. Well my fascination for buses started from there as it was the most seen vehicle in that part during those days. Well, years later, during my industrial training I did fulfill my wish to learn in detail about big buses. I took my passion further forward by designing buses for my cad projects.  It is not a miracle; now a road is there along that old channel which brings water occasionally from the dam for irrigation. I have fond memories of playing in the water in the canal. By throwing small stones on the water and seeing the ripples, I tried to kill my loneliness in my child hood. It was fun to walk through the water to catch some tadpoles and small fishes. Now people are able to visit that church on their vehicles.

How fast things change! That is what I felt about the impact of that road on my life indirectly, though I do not live there anymore. Before the road came, nobody cared about land or land prices there. Tapioca was the major cultivation in that hilly terrain as it just grows with the seasons, without much expense. On the other side of the church, it is beyond recognition now. Rubber trees have taken over the entire space. While scaling down that stretch, I found the newly constructed temple. When I was a kid, there was only a small deity on the riverbank near a big tree. Construction took many years though for whatever reason. Well my connection with that temple is still alive. Somebody told me that my dad’s grand grandfather was once a priest there and now he is one of the deities. I do not believe in myths, but I can seek blessings from heart in private. A myth is there related to the temple. Some of the younger cousins told me that ghosts enter the bodies of young girls who walk along the temple with spreaded hair. I have not seen it, so I have no choice, but to believe them. They said that some of those girls who casually went to the temple that way , once the goddess or ghost enter them, they talked Arabic or they behaved like old women or versing shlokas like women of old era. Then to get rid of those unwanted ghosts, they had to undergo prayer sessions or pujas depending upon their faith. I still remember the late priest who was friendly to me. Back then, the river was shallow and there was no bridge. I used to enjoy collecting pebbles from the riverbed on my return from school. Now the river looks bit deeper, may be due to the sand mining. The paddy fields are still there green and beautiful. Now there is a bridge connecting the chain of roads. I can thank the panchayat for having some kind of vision in building those roads.

Life has changed so much to the point that, though I have fond memories about that hill and people there, I have no love left for that place. Once the road came, the price of the land multiplied and the greed to have the land closer to the road has driven some people crazy. As laws are easier for crooked people to abuse or manipulate, they get their wishes fulfilled so soon. It is mayhem for the real owners to clear the cobwebs of red tapism to prove that it is their own land. I do not want to waste my time or energy to take vengeance as I still believe in law.  By the time, law travel its own course to bring justice, I think I will be long gone. However, I do not have any complaints, as lawmakers do not have time to make laws competent with current era. More over our judiciary is notoriously so slow that it is better to get on with life than wasting decades over silly issues.

Unlike any other thing that I have faced, this will remain in heart for very long time as it happened right after the death of my dad. Still it makes me very angry that no government machinery is able to provide any relief to our rightful cause. It is not a pleasant feeling to chase down land grabber when we are mourning. Well, my feelings for land ended right there. Now I think about the landless people who do not have even an inch of land of their own, let alone to have a shelter to live. Unfortunately, land grabbers live so peacefully without fearing anyone. Real landless people struggle on the streets.

To my amusement, an illegal shop stand tall in our land adjacent to the road makes it very difficult for me to think about travelling through it again. Well, I wish to be peaceful. It is not a trait of weakness. It is hard to control the anger when I look at their eyes, as they love taunting to destabilize me. It is easier to demolish it and trigger a series of counter reactions leading to countless legal battles. That is what they have been expecting and trying hard to induce from us. However, I have grown up now to be able to laugh at their greediness.

Be day or night, I love hills. I love nights filled with stars and moon. However, there was no star or moon visible as I climbed that hill for the first time through that road. To make things worse there was power cut; I could hardly see the road. As I remembered, the scary ghost stories that they told me about that particular riverbank, I was bit scared to walk in absolute darkness.  Well lot of myth is aligned with that riverbank. Many people told me that ghost chased some of their relatives late into the night. Some have seen mysterious people swimming on the river at the midnight and asked them to join for a swimming session. All they did was run away from the scene. Yeah my dad have told me about couple of youngsters who drowned at that bank many years back. Therefore, people may be referring to the ghosts of those youngsters. Interesting thing is that even drunkards believe that they were being chased down by some ferocious figures while walking through that road. Well, I wish not to travel through that road again as I want to move away from that part of the world, leaving behind the memories of my dad right there. I do not want to see his grave, as I prefer to believe that he is always with me in my quest to rise from my terrible fall aftermath his death. The road has changed the lives of people there positively. Now there is quicker access to the necessities. However, I wonder whether that old village charm or innocence exists there. I wish the road to help them to have a better life. 

I wrote this memoir based on the prompt “When I think how life used to be” (a line from song written by Travon Potts and Brock Walsh) to participate in carryontuesdayprompt blog carnival and  pleasantly-disturbed-thursdays-vol-9 blog carnival. Please visit these sites and check others writings as well. Thanks. J

11 Aug 2010


Kids are crying
As they are hungry
Elders are worried, but helpless
As the food prices are rising
Families can’t afford
Food at those exorbitant prices
As they struggle to earn enough
The bumper crop gives sorrow
To the farmers in the villages
As the hard-sweated efforts
Lies unwanted in open-spaces
Or stacked in rodent pested godowns
It rots right in front of authorities
Produce worth millions goes redundant
While millions suffer from hunger
Nobody cares to safeguard it
Nor care to distribute to the needy
Hungry remains hungry
While the grains become history

This poem is written on the prompt # hungry given by Miridunn. Submitted for participating in oneshotpoetry blog carnival. Please visit and read other poets poems. Thanks :) 

10 Aug 2010


Clouds of aspirations rained powerfully
Heights of ascendancy evident everywhere
In the era of globalization
Notched growth higher than others
Amidst iron fisted communist regime 

Prompt#12 in the August edition of  acrosticonly blog carnival. Please visit for more poems. 

9 Aug 2010

Destined soul

Iriza loved to immerse herself in her memories while lying down on the isolated bank of Orzio Lake. Over the years, nobody but her visited that haunting place. She likes reading her favorite books on the courtyard of an abandoned mansion, nearby. When it rains, she takes shelter inside that mansion and looks at the distant golden hill, through the windows upstairs. Everyone in her town feared that mansion, as there were many dubious murders and suicides. Many claimed to have seen the spirits of deceased wandering along the banks. It is her secret hangout place to be alone. For the last six years, she has been visiting there regularly, like pilgrimage.

Iriza was a fun loving girl, who hung around with friends and enjoyed the life in her terms. Dancing and shopping used to be her weakness. She could dance for hours and could shop all day in malls. Now, she does not visit any mall or discotheques. She aspired to be a novelist. Her friends used to tease her by saying that someday; she will get married to a guy, who will fall for her novel. However, she is yet to finish her much-awaited first novel. She went aloof from all of her friends and relatives to start a new life. Nobody knows why she has become silent over the years. She works part-time as a copywriter with an ad agency. She shunned many good job offers to be alone and read for most of the time.

As usual, Iriza went to the lake Orzio. She noticed a boat tied to an anchoring bar on the shore. She looked around to see if someone was there. Some kind of fear grappled her heart, as she found encroachment in her territory, by a stranger. She became curious and walked towards the mansion, to see if that person was there. She saw empty beer bottles and cigars lying on a corner. On the courtyard, there was reminiscent of fire. She ascertained that, the stranger was inside the mansion. She chose to walk away, with agony and tears as if she lost her only shelter of peace.

On her way back, Iriza looked back at her life. Her friends are all married and have beautiful kids. For her, the lake and the mansion were the companions. From the neighbors’, she learned that someone bought that haunted property. She could feel that, it might have been her last visit to that place. She wondered why someone would wish to buy a property that majority of people in that town fear! She became more curious about that stranger. She wanted to see the stranger, but she did not want her  to be seen by the stranger.

Iriza became frustrated as the stranger has spoiled her routine. She could no more afford to enjoy the tranquility of the lake or mansion. It has been days since she read anything or slept properly. She wished that she could buy the property, but she do not have any savings. She cried due to agony and pain. Suddenly, she started writing down on her diary. She always liked to pen down her feelings, when she was too sad or angry. She kept writing until the morning. As she read those pages again, she slowly laughed, then cried, and jumped madly. She could not believe, finally she has finished her novel.

Later in the day, Iriza went to visit her friend Susan, who works as an editor at Mark’s Publishing Inc.  Susan was surprised to see her best friend, after many months. Iriza gave her novel to Susan and asked if she could help her. Susan told her that she would contact her in two days, as she has to take permission from her owner, before she could go ahead with printing plans. Susan has once promised Iriza that she will get her novel published, no matter when it is finished. So, Iriza had trust in her.

Two days later, Iriza got a courier from Mark’s Publishing Inc. It is an invitation to attend a party at her favorite haunted mansion. Though she was shocked at first, later she found relief at the fact that, she can visit that place again. Now, it is obvious now that, someone from Mark’s Publishing Inc is that stranger. She went to her favorite mall for the first time in many years, and bought herself a new gown and matching jewelry, as she wanted to look pretty on that occasion, for some reason.

Iriza reached the mansion at 6 pm. She was surprised to see that the building has been renovated, just as she used to wish. As she entered the visitors’ hall, she heard a familiar voice, though she did not see anyone. Welcome Miss Iriza; take that envelope from that table. She opened the beautifully covered envelope, to see her dream book for the first time, “Destined Soul. Before she could feel her emotions, a man came to her side and said, “I am sorry.”  It is none other than Mark Brook, her boy friend who left her 6 years back, over a bitter fight. It is the place where they first met accidently and then romanced over a period. Mark bought the place in her sweet memory, but never thought he could see her again.

Mark left Iriza over misunderstanding and went abroad to do business. It took many years for him to realize his mistake. He told Iriza the, he searched for her for many years, but he failed to find her as she never introduced him to any of her friends or relatives. I broke your heart and I was stupid to leave you then. When I read the novel, which Susan gave me, I realized that it is yours. I am glad that I am able to fulfill your wish, finally. He took a ring out and asked her, will you marry me, on his knees. The hall filled with bursting claps as her friends came flocking her from other rooms, to her surprise. Now everyone knew the reason for her silence and the secret behind her loneliness.

Image courtesy : Thanks to npia.police


Dances like a four legged anywhere, while enjoying  
Runs like a three legged in rush to reach somewhere
Insanely sings aloud at midnight, causing big nuisance
No sentiments towards neighbors’ who are fast asleep
Kind enough to hurl abuses, if confronted with any fury

Feeble enough to fall down anytime while walking gingerly
Ends up sleeping somewhere unconscious but peaceful
Earns surprise wake up in the mornings sometimes
Boozing is an easy to learn, but hard to give up
Loved for their entertaining traits after drinks
Emerges as if nothing happened amidst ruins

Predictable antics on display after every session
Reserves lot of emotions inside heart unlike others
Eager to release all the stress into the sky of imagination
Drinks with devotion on all seasons, to celebrate or to mourn
Ill-fated past time that can turn fun into tears with deadly illness
Cruel passion that can run over the hapless pedestrians on streets
The cold-blooded alcohol runs through the veins, decides every move   

This poem is written on the prompts drink, feeble and predict for participating in threewordwednesday blog carnival. Images courtesy: Thanks to  images.webster-dictionary & catnkitten