24 Aug 2010

Event mis-Management

So, it’s going to be another crazy rush
Little time left to organize everything around
Done, nobody have any idea to fix this mess
So, it seems there will be huge bills to settle
Much of the chairs are crushed, so is the stage
To greet guests, there is a mad elephant waiting
Do nothing; the whole buffet is lying scattered 

This is written on prompt # "So little done so much to do" - last words of Cecil John. Please visit carryontuesdayprompt blog carnival to read others writings. Thanks :)  Image courtesy : s.ytimg .


KB said...

This is a different way of looking at the prompt. Excellent. Love the pic too.

My COT's here.

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for reading :)I wished to write something serious but in a lighter mode.

Someone Is Special said...

Wow, a different poe,.. I loved it.. Do stop by Someone Is Special to my CUT's..

--Someone Is Special--