26 Aug 2010

Help Please

Curious guys looked towards the old villa
As they saw the glimpse of new resident  
Mini skirt made her hotty  
Naughtily she turned her booty  
With wrinkled smile, she said, please help to move stuffs

This limerick is based on this image#prompt for participating in magpietales & thursday-13  blog carnivals. Please visit to read other writers interesting works. Thanks :) No offence. 


D2 said...

I can't say that I liked the poetry. Nice attempt at sexual humour, but the lines are neither vivid enough, nor funny enough. Also, you've misspelled "limerick".
Sorry, mate.

Nithin R S said...

thanks for pointing out the error.I appreciate it.well limericks are about humor and obscenity. yeah, it's a failed attempt. i had something in mind, it didn't turn out the way i wished.m sleepy.well if u see from another angle, you might find something different. Thanks for reading :)

Krunal Palande said...

i liked it, especially the 'please help to move stuffs'. Nice take on the picture

Tumblewords: said...

Clever - I can imagine the whole scene!

signed...bkm said...

Now that is a Hotty.!! Cute..bkm

Raven Garland said...

I could picture the scene as well. I love the imagination and the photograph...well that is my dream home...I hope it is in Ireland or Scotland.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Wow - this is the second limerick I have read today. WOW! How odd is that? You have some fun word combinations: I enjoyed it completely.

My Completely NON Limerick Magpie.

Brian Miller said...

bet she got the help she needed. smiles. playful magpie