17 Aug 2010

It was Love at first sight


It took me to a world, beyond skies, tears and joy

Was I dreaming or just lived a surprise worth a lifetime!

Love, it has conquered my ever-wandering heart in a flash 

At once, I saw her dazzling eyes brimming with a divine hope

First, it was disbelief, but she swept away my fears with a smile 

Sight, I will never forget that, for all the rich treasures in this world 

Carry On Tuesday, (It was love at first sight). visit to read others pieces of writing. Thanks :)


keiths ramblings said...

Lovely to look at and beautiful to read. Beautiful. Thanks for taking part in Carry On Tuesday.

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for reading. Well, i like this blog carnival alot as, everytime there is an interesting prompt to write upon. All the best. :)

Just Me said...

Very creative and I agree with Keith, beautiful to look at and lovely to read. Thanks for sharing.

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for the compliment. :)

Someone Is Special said...

Wow! Great on yaar.. I just loved it.. Do stop by Somone Is Special

--Someone IS Special--

Nithin R S said...

Thanks :) yeah i will stop by your blog.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Nithin! i like the way u write! I see a lot of poetry and lot of contests entries on your blog. am confused!

I write english and hindi poetry ( have posted 2 poems on my blog) but was wondering if i cud participate in some poetry contest, but i dont write small ones, hope u will expalin me something and suggest some good contest.



Nithin R S said...

Thanks :) Well you can participate as well. checkout for the links on the bottom of my poems, if its for participating in any blog carnivals,its mentioned there. You can check those sites and post your poetry in those blog carnivals. Most of the blog carnivals have predetermined prompts and you have to write poetry based on it.Most of them aren't competitions.They are more of get-together of poets and writers with their writings. Well, you are welcome to the world of blog carnivals.