29 Sep 2010

Final Call

Open the windows of your heart
Listen to voice from my heart
You might never hear it again
So listen carefully to the end
There is only one life to live
There is only one earth to live
There is only one moment to think
There is only one decision to make
You don’t need to run like a deer
To hide somewhere in the woods
I am not a hunter to harm you
I don’t have arrows with me
I only have words with me
You kept running all your life
You kept hiding in the dark  
Trying to evade the reality
This is your final moment
To stand up and face it
To own up your wishes
Or else banish to a new world
Where you can’t be yourself  
But can enjoy a soulless life
With a bright smile on your face
As rain will wash away your past  
Leaving no trace of memories in heart
While you dissolve yourself into bondage
Where obligation will show you the way
To mask your identity to suit the situation
You will get used to it like a tame routine
As time will shower responsibilities on you
There will be no time to dwell on the losses
You will learn to cultivate new dreams and wishes
You will find joy in fulfilling those everyday
Ask yourself for one last time, right now  
Where do you want to be in your life?
What do you want in your life?
You won’t have another day
To change your life
Follow your heart
Go where it leads
Live with a smile

28 Sep 2010

Rain an ally

It’s raining as if it’s my tears,
It’s chilling just like my blood,
As the rage melted down like ice,
I find myself in an oasis of tranquility,
I can see the desert lasting countless miles,
It’s daunting, but I have to walk through it,
Until I find another oasis of peace and relief,
I just wish to drench in this rain until it ends,
I wish to enjoy the fragrance of the soil,
As sun will dry up the air and soil soon
The winds will conquer with roaring noise
To make the desert a haunted zone
As it has been for those souls
Who left behind those skeletons
 On top of the golden sand
Only a few survived their journey
Reaching their destiny through this path
I believe, I could emulate them  
I do not know when it will rain again
But, I hope to reach my destination
In company of my beloved rain
As it always joins my happiness
Somehow from nowhere
It drains away my weariness
With its rhythm and beauty
Quenching the thirst of soul
To taste the drops of relief


                                            Reliefful     Answer     In             Necessity

                                       Raging       Anger       Instilling     Nightmare

                                 Romantic    Art          Igniting         Naughtiness 

                            Rustic      Anthem    Illuminating   Night

This is an experimental poetry,with importance to the visual arrangement of words.I'm fed up, blogger is acting wierd.The published arrangement looks very contrasting to the one i had with me in msword.
Images courtesy : spamula & bombadilpublishing

Tears and smile

Tears is a veil that covers the smile,

Until it dries out in tandem with time.

Smile emerges from anxious shadows,

Like the shiny sun after a heavy rainfall.

Tears is a nod in the cycle of happiness.

Every drop of tears pray for redemption,

Every smile pray for its own longevity.

Tears and smile swap places at will,

Anywhere, when least expected.

Life without them is just robotic! 

Images thanks to : worshippingchristian medimanage

25 Sep 2010


Kingdoms of cultures
Entwined in perfect harmony
Reached out to the continents  
Anchored by spices and resources  
Land of hills, beaches, backwaters
Adorable paradise like a romantic girl


God’s own country
Elated by the hills
Serened by backwaters 
Breezed by the beaches
Covered with blanket of greenery

24 Sep 2010

Happy Birthday

Happiness may shower in your life
Abundantly today
Presents may enlighten your eyes
Pampering your heart
You touch your heart and wish

Beautiful angels may ring
In your prayers to the holy lord
Raining blessings
To make your wishes real
Humble rays of
Dreams may fill your night
Your journey towards future 

21 Sep 2010

I am sorry

I was in a state of blinded  
Anger, beyond my normal senses  
My words lost its anchor from sanity
Shedding the baggage of abuses at your innocence
Openly, I regret my actions, which hurt your heart badly
Reaching out to you, from my bottom of the heart with tears
Realizing the pain you endured and the depth of your feelings 
Yearning for your forgiveness,I promise that i won't hurt you again  

This is for someone who is hurt by my words.I am really sorry. You are still my beloved friend. 


Telling words can captivate imagination
Ruthlessly nails down the blind belief
Under the influence of actions
Silently wins over the heart
To betray in the end 

Images thanks to:  2.bp & alcohol-addiction


I wonder,
Why some girls fall for nice words!
Why they look for mesmerizing words?
Why they can’t take even slight criticism?
Even the silliest remarks look so mean
Despite all attention, they moan
They aren’t being cared
They can shout, but can’t take a shout
They fall for someone
And then lures the one to world of love
Then they think of future
The glossy picture of luxury
They feel distances are too much
And they need someone by side all the time
Despite all the love and emotions
They decides with realm of practicality
They don’t have patience to wait
They need instant happiness like instant coffee
They move on as if nothing happened
Forgetting that they took initiative
Believing that men have heart built with stones
Not to be hurt or broken
Feeling they will move on just like that
While these ladies find the glow in some other
They forget the ones who love from heart
Always brags about the new exciting
So passionate that they will fight with anyone
Who raise a word against them?
When it comes to love , they are daring
They play all the games of feelings
The dramas of heavenly commitment
When it comes to marriage, they play safe
They feel they can’t hurt family
Says a sorry and moves on
Embracing the riches of successful men
The same old story that men face
When they are nothing
When they got only love, hope, and determination
They never get a chance or time to put up a fight
They have to see the girls walking away
Towards the glitz and glamour of new life
As if they don’t have any feelings
Behind the beautiful smiles and exquisite words
These girls hide crooked intentions
They love the fun of romance
They love the bunch of care
But they carry knives in the brains
To pierce the hearts of those who love them
While they dance to tunes of excitement
In their new lives
They are classy and dignified in society
Play acting the roles of perfect wives
They don’t even remember their former love
Trust, last thing to expect from them
Commitment is like new clothes
Tears down as it get old for new one
They need someone when they are down
To make them laugh and heal
Once healed, they fly with some other
With the ease of shopping in mall
These girls make even the innocent men
To become rude and cruel out of pain
Causing suffering to countless others
They ruin the lives of innocence
As they leave the men with urge of vengeance
Silence isn’t weakness
It’s just a state of forgiveness
Though these girls don’t deserve it

I wrote this for countless men who are betrayed by greedy girls who leave them in lurches in search of luxury. Read more poetries of amazing poets at oneshotpoetry . Images courtsey :  .istockphoto & image.shutterstock 

18 Sep 2010

Soul Trainer

I am a soul trainer,
I train bereaved souls,
I fix their broken wings,
I make them fly again high in the sky,
The joy of watching them fly is precious.

Images courtesy : i.dailymail   & pathfinderpat 

17 Sep 2010

Payback Time

I wasted time all my life
I was lazy and idle all the time
I kept thinking about the time
I didn’t realize that time was flying
While I was getting older with time
I always had a feeling about the time
That I have lot of time on my side
Until I found that, I am short on time
To achieve something in short-time
I became so desperate about time
I wished for some more time
I asked for some more time
But, I wasn’t given any inch of time
As destiny, don’t have time to wait
Told me to grow up with time
So that I don’t miss out another time
While I walk with my new time
I wish to kick my old time
And I m cursing all those lost time
Now I am trying to outwit the time
By building a new destiny that time can’t beat

Images courtesy :  lawyerswithdepression  &  wired 


I am happy
As I have no expectations
No worries and nothing to wait for
Now I am free like a bird, wishing to fly around
To see the smiles of nature and to spread the smiles

Images courtesy : hooah & img3.visualizeus

16 Sep 2010

Broken Dreams

I was so happy in those green cloudy hills
A storm squeezed my dreams to silence
Now, take away the corpses of my dreams
It’s stinking inside my broken heart
It’s dead and rotting in this idle morning
Last night, it bid adieu to my numb heart
I may slam it heartless for the excuses
I may hate it for leaving me in mid-way
But I know, I could do nothing about it
I will let the fate to feed upon my hopes
Like the scavengers feeding on leftovers
Now, I have a new sky, a new barren path
It’s forced upon me, but I take the blame
And I am walking towards a new destiny

Images courtesy : 1.bp.  &  denijsdesign 

14 Sep 2010


Somewhile ago, I had lost all hope and was in tears
Something, told me to keep fighting to win you back
Somewise words rejuvenated my aims with new vigor
Somebody get me a short cut to catch the lost time
Sometimes, I keep my trust in intuition than in fate
Sometime, that is what I need now to catch some air  
Somedeal, I need it badly to settle myself down soon
Someway, I hope you will find a path to get to my side
Someday, surprisingly, we will get back together, I feel  
Somehow, beating all the odds with will of our hearts
Somewhen, when you will be with me, I have a surprise
Someplace, I want to take you to, green and cloudy, also
Somewhere, on a beach, to enjoy the glow of sunshine
Somewhat, in a hilarious mood with graceful relief in eyes   

 Images thanks to : dangerousandbeautiful & technoparktoday

12 Sep 2010


Scary looks hypnotizes senses of preys
Nasty hiss can drain away the confidence
Angry chases are hard to evade with survival
Kings of deadly poisons, bad enemy to have in life
Escape is beyond question if it bites with vengeance
Slice of luck and time is required to negate the poison  

Well this poem is inspired by the images shown by Suzy Gneist. Images thanks to :     http://www.derm.qld.gov.au

7 Sep 2010

Crazy Apple

Aliza rushed to home in a hurry after learning that a lady has already taken her 2-year-old son home. She was as worried as she had not entrusted anyone take him home, though she knew that she will get late after her board meeting. She was very anxious and her mind was dancing to the tunes of fear and negative thoughts. She became curious as she saw the door being left open rather casually. She became more worried as she saw the lady-sandals lying on the hall. On the couch, there was ladies bag and found that someone has messed the wall with lipstick. She was sure that, it might be the handy work of Andrewz, her son. She was relieved that, he might be there somewhere in the house. However, she was worried about this mysterious lady. Who might be this lady, she wondered!

 Aliza always had suspected her husband Keithson of having affair with one of his business executives. But, he is now in shanghai for a business trip and he had called her just half an hour ago to tell that he will get back after two days. She wondered if it is her sister or even her mother. However, both of them are at Chicago for attending the wedding of her cousin, which she skipped as she had this board meeting. She was shocked when she entered her room. She was always obsessed about keeping her room well arranged and always fought with her husband about being so untidy. Her bed literally looked like a jungle of ladies attires. She thought it might be the handiwork of the naughty boy. He always loves messing the stuffs in the house.

Aliza checked other rooms to see where they are. While she entered the guest room, she found the TV playing out some weird fashion shows. She felt very angry after seeing her book being kept in a disgusting manner with a half-bitten apple over it on the table. She has kept it like a treasure for years as her favorite author Delwick Hainez signed it. Now she is very much in a mood to slap the lady, no matter who it is. She found the door to the backyard left wide open. Therefore, she went to the backyard and her eyes fumed with vengeance as she found that her roses are not there anymore. She cared her roses like her like anything in her free time. She found a football lying on the lawn. It literally looked like a narrow pond as water kept flowing from the hose.

Aliza moved to her little forest. She wanted to have the feel of a forest in her backyard, so she planted so many trees and now it looks perfectly like a small forest. She found toys of her son on her way. She started worrying as she felt something has happened to her son. She walked faster towards a small pond inside her forest. She saw the footprints of both of them. She moved along that direction. From distance, she saw a hot lady in a wet towel, which somehow covered her assets. The lady was looking up towards a tree. She was like pleading. She looked towards the tree and she was shocked. Her little son had climbed that small tree somehow.

Aliza ran towards the tree while screaming, baby hold on the branch. The lady turned around with a jerking reaction. She thought it was some stranger. Before she could scream, she realized that its someone she knows. Aliza felt relieved as well. She said, I would take care of you later, first let me bring down my kid. After much cajoling, they both somehow managed to bring down Andrewz. Aliza hugged him, and kissed him. She was crying. Suddenly the lady told her, I am sorry. I was having a shower. By the time I got out of the bathroom, I did not see Andrewz in the house, so I was searching for him all around and I found him here. Luzy, I do not need any explanation, you could have called me and informed that you are taking him home. Aliza, when I came here you were not here and I felt that you would be late to pick him up.

It took a while for both of them to get over the shock of what they have gone through. After cleaning up the premises, they shared coffee in the kitchen, laughing at the horror they faced. Aliza asked Luzy, why you came without informing me? Well, I wanted to give you a surprise. What surprise? I am getting married to your brother! I came to invite you. How dare you? Where is that little rascal, Benton? He sent me to tell you this first. Luzy, you did not come with a surprise, you had shocked me through the whole eve.  Well, why did you say no when he proposed you last year? Aliza, then we had a fight and I was very angry with him then. Well he came around, apologized couple of months back, and then we decided to get married. Well Luzy, I am happy for both of you. We were best of friends for years and now we are going to be family. However, I am not going to let you go just like that for messing my home.

Aliza, by the way, what were you thinking when you found all these ladies items? Luzy, you I was having way too many suspicious thoughts. However, I was sure that, someone I know did these. Well, Aliza, I am sorry. I did this prank on you. It was not Andrewz; I did all this to get you mad. Actually, I kept him on the tree and told him to keep hold of tree. Therefore, when you came, it just looked as if he did everything. Well, it took lot of bribing to get him do this final act. Gave lot of chocolates and asked for more even while sitting on the tree. Luzy, that is cruel, you played with my boy’s safety. Well Aliza, you may not know, your hubby makes him climb these small trees when he gets free time. Actually, it was his plan to scare you a bit. You devils, Aliza screamed and both of them broke into laughter, even as Andrew was busy in messing the floor with coffee! 

I am still a naive short story writer. My first love is obviously poetry. I am looking forward for suggestions from all of you to improve my craft in short story writing. This story is inspired by the image/prompt at  magpietales  blog carnival. Please visit to read others tales. Thanks :)