7 Sep 2010

Crazy Apple

Aliza rushed to home in a hurry after learning that a lady has already taken her 2-year-old son home. She was as worried as she had not entrusted anyone take him home, though she knew that she will get late after her board meeting. She was very anxious and her mind was dancing to the tunes of fear and negative thoughts. She became curious as she saw the door being left open rather casually. She became more worried as she saw the lady-sandals lying on the hall. On the couch, there was ladies bag and found that someone has messed the wall with lipstick. She was sure that, it might be the handy work of Andrewz, her son. She was relieved that, he might be there somewhere in the house. However, she was worried about this mysterious lady. Who might be this lady, she wondered!

 Aliza always had suspected her husband Keithson of having affair with one of his business executives. But, he is now in shanghai for a business trip and he had called her just half an hour ago to tell that he will get back after two days. She wondered if it is her sister or even her mother. However, both of them are at Chicago for attending the wedding of her cousin, which she skipped as she had this board meeting. She was shocked when she entered her room. She was always obsessed about keeping her room well arranged and always fought with her husband about being so untidy. Her bed literally looked like a jungle of ladies attires. She thought it might be the handiwork of the naughty boy. He always loves messing the stuffs in the house.

Aliza checked other rooms to see where they are. While she entered the guest room, she found the TV playing out some weird fashion shows. She felt very angry after seeing her book being kept in a disgusting manner with a half-bitten apple over it on the table. She has kept it like a treasure for years as her favorite author Delwick Hainez signed it. Now she is very much in a mood to slap the lady, no matter who it is. She found the door to the backyard left wide open. Therefore, she went to the backyard and her eyes fumed with vengeance as she found that her roses are not there anymore. She cared her roses like her like anything in her free time. She found a football lying on the lawn. It literally looked like a narrow pond as water kept flowing from the hose.

Aliza moved to her little forest. She wanted to have the feel of a forest in her backyard, so she planted so many trees and now it looks perfectly like a small forest. She found toys of her son on her way. She started worrying as she felt something has happened to her son. She walked faster towards a small pond inside her forest. She saw the footprints of both of them. She moved along that direction. From distance, she saw a hot lady in a wet towel, which somehow covered her assets. The lady was looking up towards a tree. She was like pleading. She looked towards the tree and she was shocked. Her little son had climbed that small tree somehow.

Aliza ran towards the tree while screaming, baby hold on the branch. The lady turned around with a jerking reaction. She thought it was some stranger. Before she could scream, she realized that its someone she knows. Aliza felt relieved as well. She said, I would take care of you later, first let me bring down my kid. After much cajoling, they both somehow managed to bring down Andrewz. Aliza hugged him, and kissed him. She was crying. Suddenly the lady told her, I am sorry. I was having a shower. By the time I got out of the bathroom, I did not see Andrewz in the house, so I was searching for him all around and I found him here. Luzy, I do not need any explanation, you could have called me and informed that you are taking him home. Aliza, when I came here you were not here and I felt that you would be late to pick him up.

It took a while for both of them to get over the shock of what they have gone through. After cleaning up the premises, they shared coffee in the kitchen, laughing at the horror they faced. Aliza asked Luzy, why you came without informing me? Well, I wanted to give you a surprise. What surprise? I am getting married to your brother! I came to invite you. How dare you? Where is that little rascal, Benton? He sent me to tell you this first. Luzy, you did not come with a surprise, you had shocked me through the whole eve.  Well, why did you say no when he proposed you last year? Aliza, then we had a fight and I was very angry with him then. Well he came around, apologized couple of months back, and then we decided to get married. Well Luzy, I am happy for both of you. We were best of friends for years and now we are going to be family. However, I am not going to let you go just like that for messing my home.

Aliza, by the way, what were you thinking when you found all these ladies items? Luzy, you I was having way too many suspicious thoughts. However, I was sure that, someone I know did these. Well, Aliza, I am sorry. I did this prank on you. It was not Andrewz; I did all this to get you mad. Actually, I kept him on the tree and told him to keep hold of tree. Therefore, when you came, it just looked as if he did everything. Well, it took lot of bribing to get him do this final act. Gave lot of chocolates and asked for more even while sitting on the tree. Luzy, that is cruel, you played with my boy’s safety. Well Aliza, you may not know, your hubby makes him climb these small trees when he gets free time. Actually, it was his plan to scare you a bit. You devils, Aliza screamed and both of them broke into laughter, even as Andrew was busy in messing the floor with coffee! 

I am still a naive short story writer. My first love is obviously poetry. I am looking forward for suggestions from all of you to improve my craft in short story writing. This story is inspired by the image/prompt at  magpietales  blog carnival. Please visit to read others tales. Thanks :) 


willow said...

All's well that ends well. Nice Magpie!

Nithin R S said...

Willow, thanks for reading :)

Anonymous said...

This was a fun read, Nithin!
You really got me thinking !! The suspense was very well done!

Nithin R S said...

Kavita, thanks for reading :)