17 Sep 2010

Payback Time

I wasted time all my life
I was lazy and idle all the time
I kept thinking about the time
I didn’t realize that time was flying
While I was getting older with time
I always had a feeling about the time
That I have lot of time on my side
Until I found that, I am short on time
To achieve something in short-time
I became so desperate about time
I wished for some more time
I asked for some more time
But, I wasn’t given any inch of time
As destiny, don’t have time to wait
Told me to grow up with time
So that I don’t miss out another time
While I walk with my new time
I wish to kick my old time
And I m cursing all those lost time
Now I am trying to outwit the time
By building a new destiny that time can’t beat

Images courtesy :  lawyerswithdepression  &  wired 

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