28 Sep 2010

Rain an ally

It’s raining as if it’s my tears,
It’s chilling just like my blood,
As the rage melted down like ice,
I find myself in an oasis of tranquility,
I can see the desert lasting countless miles,
It’s daunting, but I have to walk through it,
Until I find another oasis of peace and relief,
I just wish to drench in this rain until it ends,
I wish to enjoy the fragrance of the soil,
As sun will dry up the air and soil soon
The winds will conquer with roaring noise
To make the desert a haunted zone
As it has been for those souls
Who left behind those skeletons
 On top of the golden sand
Only a few survived their journey
Reaching their destiny through this path
I believe, I could emulate them  
I do not know when it will rain again
But, I hope to reach my destination
In company of my beloved rain
As it always joins my happiness
Somehow from nowhere
It drains away my weariness
With its rhythm and beauty
Quenching the thirst of soul
To taste the drops of relief


Message in a Bottle said...

Nice poetry you got here. A bit too deep to delve in and full of emotion. Cheers and more power always.

Anonymous said...

Deep ! This was a poem that started with a bit of negative element and ended on a positive one . At first few lines I thought this is gonna be like other rain poems , but then you proved me wrong ! Wonderful ! I loved the image , its so lively and make you attached to the poem :)

Nithin R S said...

Message in a bottle and a dreamygal, thanks for reading. I feel great to write when its raining.Well i find rain during important occasions.Yeah,it did start negative and i felt that it might go that way,but the rain made me write through another path.I felt relieved in the end.!

Jingle said...


two awards,
share with 1 to 10 poets you like…

dustus said...

Feel the depth of despair and then a glimmer of hope in the expectation of relief. Happy One Shot!

Eric Alder said...

I need a beer! (LOL!)

Nice One Shot, Nithin!

moondustwriter said...

I love the relationship with the rain.that it brings relief and happiness to the speaker

It's a beautiful reflection of a common occurrence.

Thanks from One Shot

Moon drops

Nithin R S said...

Jingle, Dustus, moondustwriter,Eric thanks for reading. It's been raining here for last couple of days and i am loving it by writing more on rain ! have a great oneshot week !

Anonymous said...

after a long time i liked a rain poem !! niiiice :)

Nithin R S said...

I am glad about it ladyniume. :)thanks for reading :)

Nick Rolynd said...

Ah, such depth. Love the portrayal of the relationship between the body/emotions and rain. =)

Nithin R S said...

Nick, thanks for reading :) Well, rain has deeper relation with individuals.We feel romantic when it rains, we wish that rain wash away our tears.Rain bring different dimension to the emotions and moods.

Shashi said...

I have loved rain from childhood and I enjoyed your verse so much because of it... But this some how left me sad and I felt the quenching of soul... so beautifully done...

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Om Namah Shivaya
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