29 Oct 2010

Proposal in rain

Sunny morning greeted her a message
An invitation to be there at the rose hill
A serene garden of fragrant pretty roses
A place for romance amidst the silence
That is breached only by the mystic wind
The tales of love  written all over the air
The songs of love sung by the butterflies
Welcomed her to a world of lively dreams

The roses smiled at her as if greeting a friend
While her eyes scrambled around for a glimpse
Of her beloved man who invited her for a date
The  signboards encrypted with roses lead her
Towards the an arena of her favorite pink roses  

Surprised at the deserted look of the garden
She looked around with her pleading eyes
She asked him to come alight sweetly
It’s the rain that drizzled in return

she looked skywards delightfully
Closing her eyes with a charm
she embraced the rain  as a gift
she drenched in company of roses

when she opened her eyes slowly
she saw the exotic bunch of pink roses
within the reach of her trembling  hands
As she felt butterflies in her tummy atonce
Seeing her lover on his knees with a  smile
Asking her if she will marry him amidst roses

Cracking her secret wish like a smart magician
She took the roses and embraced the silence
She heard his heartbeats aloud in that frozen
Emotion filled rose garden conquered by rain
She erupted the passion and joy with her yes

As he jumped like a crazy kid punching the air
Before hugging her with an aura of gratitude
For accepting his wish to share life with her
Even as the rain kept dancing in its full rhythm

27 Oct 2010

Seven Sins

Sins filled my life like a rain of nightmares
Even when I wished not to embrace it
Vultures of urges lured me towards it
Earning me the jackpot full of regrets
Needlessly staining my image of goodwill

Staying away from it was the easiest option
Ill-fated failures and betrayals made me an evil
Naively chasing upon the sins to find slice of peace
Sluggishly it dumped me into junkyard of sinned souls

Images thanks to : lincolnbands.co.uk & psychologytoday.com


An easy escape route from troubles in the life 
Naïve channel to vent out all the frustrations
Garbage of emotions bursting at wrong time
Evil spear that can hurt hearts beyond repair   
Rash action that could end relations forever

Images thanks to : mustreadstuff.com & designispoetry.com

14 Oct 2010

Saina o' Saina

Saina o' Saina, Saina O' Saina,
just bring a gold medal,
you will be the golden girl,
 saina o' saina,
who cares sania afterall

Saina o' Saina, Saina o' saina,
 all eyes are on you,
be the golden girl,
 you will be worshiped,
as an indian goddess,
smash and get the gold

Smash and get the gold ,
saina o' saina,
 come on baby,
everyone is cheering,
don't be scared anymore
,just fly high and smash,
Saina o' Saina

Yes oh yes,baby
Saina o’ saina
Keep fighting and scoring
Our prayers are with you
Your poster will be on walls
Smash and get the gold
Saina o’ saina  

13 Oct 2010

Shining Moon on a Rainy Night

My friends laughed at me
When I said, I saw shining moon on a rainy day
They never believed
And asked me to prove it
On another rainy night
There was a glimpse of faint moonlight
Shaded by the moving clouds
They had reason to say I was wrong
With tint of humour
As it’s impossible to see moon
On a cloudy dark rainy night
It was a tough image to capture on a canvas
As my painter friend tried her best
To recreate that shining moon with colours
She gave up after messing three canvases

On that special day,it rained throughout
I thought rain would take breather at night
But the rain clouds refused to leave
And it kept sending millions of rain droplets
Without any intent of reducing the vigour
Even as the day ended
It was a full moon night,
But moon was nowhere to see
As the clouds covered the moon
As if, they had a pre-meditated motto
Cold rain breeze made the evening chilly
As the thunder and lightening stayed away
Scenario wasn’t that terrifying even in that darkness
Slowly, rain paced itself down to slight drizzle
Dancing in various angles forced by the breeze
With clouds making their way out slowly
To my surprise, I started seeing brightness in sky
Slowly it became clearer
With moon making well orchestrated appearance
Glittering the cloud leftovers like transparent smoke
The sky looked enticing
Drizzling raindrops were visible
As the moon appeared in it entirety
Smiling as if it conquered something
I was able to see the swaying trees
With rain drops oozing down
From the tips of their leaves
Even some stars were visible
I was wondering, if it was a dream
To see the drizzling rain, swaying trees, shining stars,
Beautiful clouds and breeze
Well lit by the full moon
As it looked auspicious in a way
I was watching the rain being a rain enthusiast,
Sitting on my balcony as power broke-down
As usual during heavy rain
First in darkness, then under magical full moon light
Truly an amazing spectacle that I keep in my heart

8 Oct 2010

Rain canals

As a kid, I loved the canals
I loved watching water flowing
Through the small canals alongside
The green paddy fields in my village

I dug up small canals around my home
Connected all of them to create a system
I dug trenches to fill in the rainwater from canals
I dug notches to divert the water to coconut tree plots

When it rains, I used to glance through the windows
To see the water gushing through my rain canals
Sometimes I put paper boats from one end
Then I wait to see it sailing down the slope
Slowly towards those plots or trenches

Those canals were scaled rivers for me
That brims into life only when it rains
It was a crazy hobby but I loved it
Last night I dug a small rain canal
Alongside the road near my home
To flush away the flooded rainwater
At night under the bright streetlight

I found myself excited just as that kid
 When I saw the rainwater racing away
 When it rains, I turn pages of memory
I still have so many rain canals to dig
To show my kids how to enjoy rain  

4 Oct 2010

Soul in rain

It rained like the drizzle of souls
It reminded me of a beautiful soul
She loves the rain crazily just as me

She is beyond the miles I could cover
She is beyond the reach of my hopes
She is beyond the grasp of my dreams
She is beyond the realms of my prayers

But, as I closed my eyes, I saw her enjoying rain
By letting the blessed rain to baptize her lost soul
Embracing the healing nectar from the heaven
She flapped her hands like wings of a dove
To feel the freedom she craved all her life
She encircled the rain like a dazzling top
Splashing the droplets allover tangentially

Her artistic feets created a swirl on rainy floor
Then she stood still to take a deep breath of sigh  
She closed her hopeful eyes to make a dearest wish
She folded her hands at once like twin bowls of wishes
She collected the sweet droplets of rainy desires
To fill her heart with fresh desires for the future
As she wished to erase her broken dreams

When she opened her eyes, she saw me
Her eyes sprinkled the rays of joyous smile
I leaned forward to catch her shivering hand
For a walk through the deserted street in rain
But, to my surprise, she gingerly ran past me
With a shy smile, challenging me to catch her  
But I stood frozen watching her crazy antics
Dancing like a little girl forgetting everything

I wished to freeze the mood in her heart forever
So that she don’t have to shed her tears and hide it  
While drenching in a chilly rain, defying the lightening
The glimpse of her curves tangled in drenched drapes
Left my lustful eyes mesmerized in the glory
Of being a twin soul to a honest girl
As she doesn’t veil her heart
When she is with me
As she loved being herself
In my company through the years  

She shrugged me off from my naughty thoughts
While holding my hand and asking for a walk
Yet she didn’t miss out on mocking me
With her unique black humor

We shared some lighter moments in that rain
We breached the barriers of silent sorrow
With the warmth of our hopes of a life together
Noise from somewhere vanished my daydream abruptly  
And I opened my eyes to traverse my lonely journey as usual

Check bridgetchumbley blog carnival for writings on the theme healing.For me rain is the best healer. :)

2 Oct 2010

Night and Rain : a perfect couple

This night
 Waited like a lonely  beautiful newlywed bride
To start the journey of new life with husband    
Yet slowly adjusting to her new home
Yet her heart brimmed with dreams
He showered down from the sky
Away all her fears and worries
His smile
Filled her heart with aura of belief
Her heartbeats
 Driven by her emotions ran like race horse
She shivered
As he walked in slow-motion towards her side
He overheard
The rhythm of her nascent heartbeats for him  
  His touch
Left her heart and soul frozen for a moment
She smiled
With a flavor of shyness of her entire life   
They embraced
For the first time with passion  
The souls as one forever 

Images courtesy : pritsky images2.layoutsparks

1 Oct 2010

Rain- My friend

Rain my beautiful friend
It drew me to its magical web,
With the fake promises of showing a new world,
As I walked into rain, it showed me mirages,
So charming that I lost myself in its trenches
When my senses took me back to reality
I found myself being fooled once again
By the playful arrogance of my friend
But I found the world to be so different
With a mist of freshness glazing its lazy sheen
Smile of hope welcomed me where I went
I smiled back to all those graceful souls
While exploring the silent art works
Left behind by my friend for me
On their peaceful faces
For inspiring me
To love

Images thanks to : 2.bp. 3dsmaxresources

Flavors of rain

By freeing the arms like wings
Looking at the sky with a thankful nod
For its graceful shower of healing droplets
That absorb all the tears into ocean

Holding the hands of rain,
With the wings of romance,
Fly in air embracing the rain,
Until you drench your soul fully

In rhythm with the whistles of breeze
Along with the chorus of melancholic rain
Until your sweet voice, echo all over
Freezing the fire in the hearts

Catch the mood of silent rain
With the net of your vibrant heart
As you read the silent desires of naughty rain  
Which wish to hold you in its arms until it vanish! 

Images thanks to : smashingapps   ontheroad.buy  4.bp. t2.gstatic