29 Oct 2010

Proposal in rain

Sunny morning greeted her a message
An invitation to be there at the rose hill
A serene garden of fragrant pretty roses
A place for romance amidst the silence
That is breached only by the mystic wind
The tales of love  written all over the air
The songs of love sung by the butterflies
Welcomed her to a world of lively dreams

The roses smiled at her as if greeting a friend
While her eyes scrambled around for a glimpse
Of her beloved man who invited her for a date
The  signboards encrypted with roses lead her
Towards the an arena of her favorite pink roses  

Surprised at the deserted look of the garden
She looked around with her pleading eyes
She asked him to come alight sweetly
It’s the rain that drizzled in return

she looked skywards delightfully
Closing her eyes with a charm
she embraced the rain  as a gift
she drenched in company of roses

when she opened her eyes slowly
she saw the exotic bunch of pink roses
within the reach of her trembling  hands
As she felt butterflies in her tummy atonce
Seeing her lover on his knees with a  smile
Asking her if she will marry him amidst roses

Cracking her secret wish like a smart magician
She took the roses and embraced the silence
She heard his heartbeats aloud in that frozen
Emotion filled rose garden conquered by rain
She erupted the passion and joy with her yes

As he jumped like a crazy kid punching the air
Before hugging her with an aura of gratitude
For accepting his wish to share life with her
Even as the rain kept dancing in its full rhythm


Jingle Poetry said...

it is always refreshing to visit you and read your work.

romantic rain..
apt piece.

Jingle Poetry said...

welcome linking in a poem to our potluck today, Thanks in advance!


an award will be given upon participation this week.

Jingle said...


Special awards for you. Happy Sunday! xx
Hope to see you at our potluck tonight.

Deepika Vasudeva said...

god that made me feel the bliss...
just lovely and beautiful.

i love reading poetries... now i know why :D

Anonymous said...

Very sweet, love, poetry, roses, rain ... beautiful!

I wish a Merry Christmas!

I want to say thank you for the support to Jingle Poetry, with you standing beside us, we are able to continue our efforts by providing the platform for poets who share and encourage...BEST wishes for the year 2011...your poetry has enlightened our community and made us smile.

Blessings fly your way, Happy Holidays!


Hope to see you on Sunday Poetry Potluck again, let me know if you have questions..old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome..

week 15 theme: reflections, interpretations, and musings.

Take care!