24 Nov 2010

Lonely duck

Afternoon blues tore up the rain clouds
To showcase the sky with its glowing arms
Sunshine put brakes on the erratic rain
Water logged roads remained lazy
To dry up in rhythm with the sun
Potholes in dilapidated roads
Shined as if its jewels
And it resembled ponds
A duck aloof from its herd
Amidst a deserted city street
Found the luxury to have a bath
Peacefully in one of the potholes
Swaying its wings, taking time at will
Without being bothered about anything
The pedestrians or odd vehicles passing by
It enjoyed the bath relying on natural instincts
Though, it had never seen its real habitat once
The fields and lakes where its predecessors
Swam the life at the pace of virgin nature
Born in hatcheries, it was walked through
The miles by the vendors from camps to camps
Without seeing any water stream all along the way
For it, roads are equivalent to the idyllic waterways
Forced to run around a plot filled with coconut trees
Lonely duck made friendships with the people and dogs
Strangers and vehicles don’t scare it anymore
As the parking lot brings countless of them everyday
It has buckets of water to gulp down its thirst
Occasional rains quench its innate urge to drench
 Though, swimming is impossible in its new home
There are no fishes and worms to hunt down
It’s Fed with the grains and human food
It is caged in the wave of space crunch
In the allay of city life It never wished
As it couldn’t fly away back to the nature