31 Jan 2011


Between your heart and mine
The bridge is trembling as if it will rupture
Dark clouds have blinded the vision
And, I’ve lost my direction
The vibes say, I need to stay calm
Daylight will come with new ideas
When the path is clear
The journey becomes easy; I doubt it!
Night is always a dangerous ally
Is  it trustworthy? I never found so!
Beginning of the end, or a new start
To me, it’s a new lesson to grasp
Lowering my ambitions is never an option
Comes with it, serious trouble
A path to discover towards safety
Pause or move forward with grit
In the opposite side, there is a cavalry
The fiercest opponents ready to strike
Day’s so long and so humid
Occupations never keep me satisfied
That, my wish is to conquer your heart
Is there any arrow left in my armor? No!
Known paths are all blocked
As my every move is well anticipated
The brave heart in the
Children’s stories will succeed in the last
Hour, that’s fantasy! But, reality bites.

Written on the prompt 
"Between the dark and the daylight,
When the night is beginning to lower,
Comes a pause in the day’s occupations
That is known as the Children’s Hour" @  
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Silence is like a pretty princess,
It lets the imagination
To paint colorful images on air
It lets the heart
To weave dreams on a sunny day
It makes the mind
To fear about night mares
The mystery behind it is its jewel
It is painful or delicious,
Depending upon outcomes,
The wait for breaking a silence,
It is agonizing,
Once it's done, it gives a relief 
Silence is a way of life
To convey liking or displeasure
In the most powerful manner
Without uttering a single word
Yet reaches out to the heart
With a sharp touch 

29 Jan 2011


I swam through a river
Lazily, in search of an ocean
Lustily, in search of a new life
Under the clouds of imagination
Sowing dreams on the bed of tides  
Idiotically, without knowing the length  
Of the waters, until I saw the unending hills   
Nesting the crater from the eyes of outer-world

   Written on prompt "Illusion" @ writersisland . Images: Thanks to google.


A day without thoughts
It’s like living in coma
Dead but alive
With heart beats

Living in a world of darkness
Where there is no sensation
No cheers, no tears
No agony, no joy
Just a relief

Stranded somewhere in vacuum
Lying idle on the bed of frozen time
Waiting for the salvation in heaven
As those moments are tempting
Rarely someone walked back
To the life from there alive
As it’s the cliff of quitters

A day without dreams
It’s like fishing in desert
With Just sand to catch
Facing the harsh reality

Sometimes it’s better
To swim through the thoughts
Foresee the things ahead
Plan properly to tackle
Possible bottlenecks

It might look so pessimistic
Experience tells me otherwise
There are no safe paths to travel
You have to punt every now and then
On an unknown path to reach destiny
Thoughts are intuitive twin-soul
That makes individuals distinct
Hold on to it or else
Just be a robot

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27 Jan 2011


The layout in the hand of an adventurer
Had an end with a symbol
There was no further path to look
Nor any mention of the spot
He walked through the snow
Clutching his gears for grip
Fighting against the freezing storm
He walked through the cluster of trees
That hardly had any leaves
He saw the big symbol hanging from height
He kept walking faster with a quest
To conquer the precious treasure
Before the owners come for it
As he had stolen their layout at a pub
But even as he covered huge distance
He didn’t find any trace of hanging symbol
Then he realized that it’s in scripted on snow
On the hill which holds the threat of an avalanche
May be with some wooden blocks or plastic
He wondered if it is just showing the direction
But instincts nodded him to climb the hill
Without fearing the backlash of an avalanche
He reached the spot and dug anxiously
Anticipating something rich and exquisite
But to his agony, he found the frozen bodies
Of late adventurers
Before he could turn around and slide
The hungry avalanche captured him with its fists
Burying him under the warning symbol
Set by those who survived to caution adventurers

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Dream Road

I dreamed about a road
Carved through the chest of a hill
Connecting an isolated neighborhood
To the bridge across a small river
I dreamed about colorful buses
Running through that steep road
To the courtyard of the church atop the hill
While walking through that small path
In which hardly a person can walk
Now vehicles ply over a road
Just as I dreamed as a child
There are no taxes to dream
If it comes true, it isn’t a miracle
It’s destiny! 

Images thanks to Google. 

26 Jan 2011

I Like You

I’m flattered

Like a lonely frosty lake
In sight of a surprising sunshine
Keen to warm up all the frozen senses
Easing away the droplets of fear in my soul

Your eyes have left me blind with its sacred shine  
Out voicing my heart with your all conquering words
Unfolded my life, instilling a desire to steal your heart

Written on  Prompt F @  acrosticonly +  oneshotpoetry  . Thanks! Images thanks to Google.

19 Jan 2011

Languages Signs Symbols

On the street, bus, train or flight
We see hundreds of strangers,
who speak unknown languages!
They try to ask for directions,
Queries about place and shops
Or about stuffs they wish to buy
With signs, symbols, actions
And the words they know
They try to convey their thoughts
Hoping that we will understand
Then they eagerly wait for our reply
Tries hard to grasp what we say
However, they might not have any clue
About what we say
With a smile, they greet us, thanks
Even if our efforts couldn’t help them
If we know their language
They seek our help to convey their thoughts
To the ones they wish to interact
As a translator
It’s always hard to travel to an unknown land
With unknown language and culture
As even gestures can have different meaning
But I find people courageous
When they try to defy the barriers of language
To get where they wish and do what they want

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11 Jan 2011


Abandoned paddy fields are aplenty in Kerala
Barren or marshy, waits for fresh lease of life
Unused, but still a haven for the greenery
Nurturing the unwanted plants and pests  
Drenched in rain, they look like a carpet
Acts as the granary for animals and birds
Nursery for small fishes to swim around
Cultivation can help in food security, but  
Expects death calls from greedy realtors 

This poem is written on the prompt "Abundance" in Blog carnival onesingleimpression . Please visit there to read other poets creations. Thanks. 

Fogged Lake

A vast lake
Dressed up in early morning fog
She is waiting for her lover, the sun
Grey sky shaded its waterscape
Without waves, she is looking so calm

A small country boat positioned itself
In the middle of the deep trench
For catching some sleepy fishes
A lonely crow slowly flew across
As if searching for someone
At a distance, another boat raced through
Creating a channel of wave in a straight line
From one shore to the another

The grey fog has spoiled the trees around
They were silent as if it’s freezing
On the outer, the lake looked serene
I wonder how deep the water is!
Though beautiful, it’s salty to drink
But, it’s tempting to breach its depth
When I look through the window of this train

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4 Jan 2011

Rain journey

It was a delightful evening
Blessed with chilly sweet rain
Neither too heavy nor too light
But we felt it gentle to walk through it
Waited for a late night train to hometown
As we missed the last early evening train
All the seats in the bogey were taken
We occupied the space near the door

As the train moved, I saw the drizzle
In the shade of lights on the track
Later, I noticed the rhythm of rain
Dancing in the arms of the gentle wind
Resembling a romantic ballroom dancing couple
But the speedy train separated them with its force
Turbulently without any truce towards their unison 
As the train breached the darkness and silence of night
I saw the dark clouds on the sky with the lights in the bogey
Though the chilly wind bothered us a bit, it was refreshing
We sat on the floor; we stood at times, choicelessly awake  
When others somehow slept despite the crunched space
I never watched rain that longer at late night before
I felt scared whenever train ran through the bridges
As I saw the burgeoned rivers and lakes with rainwater
More over I saw the fierceness of rain piercing the water
Like a ruthless warrior killing his opponent in battlefield
Rain showed the face of innocence when it oozed down
Through the roofs of houses or drenched trees along the track

When the train rested at the stations, I saw the glittering rain
Sprinkling colorfully as the overhead lightings reflected it
By the time, the train reached my hometown
The canvas for the rain changed from darkness
But it kept painting as if it found endless joy
Coloring the nature with its colors 

1 Jan 2011

New Year Rain

Another new year came in
Without knocking the door
As it replaced the old door
With its ever green touch
That refuses to die down
Despite the age catching up
Its glorious hands with change
That seamlessly marching on
Even as the astrologers immersing
Themselves in predicting the future

I looked at the bright sun and felt great
It’s the new-year sunshine, a great omen
A spirit that always drove me on in the past
To make new resolutions for the year ahead
And to try to make it happen at least for a day

Waking up from an unusual slumber
I heard the noise of battlewagon of the rain
As the wind smashed through the coconut trees
I sensed the raw fragrance of the barren earth
I wondered why it is raining on a new year’s day!
I wonder if this is the year to redefine the seasons
As now rain comes unprecedently and lasts for long
While the winter and summer plays hide and seek game
Though it ruined my day, it let me to get lazy once more
To slip down into the arms of music and raw thoughts

Rain has given me an excuse to stay clear from stress
Sometimes, embracing the idleness in company of rain
In the lonely den of this world is much better than being out
Venting out the stress at some hapless opponents somewhere
As rain brings pieces of peace inside its droplets to share with us
May be this rain is just a new-year gift from the sky to think
A path might unfold by holding the droplets in the heart
A reminder for the days to come, peace will lead the way

Wish you all a happy new year!