1 Jan 2011

New Year Rain

Another new year came in
Without knocking the door
As it replaced the old door
With its ever green touch
That refuses to die down
Despite the age catching up
Its glorious hands with change
That seamlessly marching on
Even as the astrologers immersing
Themselves in predicting the future

I looked at the bright sun and felt great
It’s the new-year sunshine, a great omen
A spirit that always drove me on in the past
To make new resolutions for the year ahead
And to try to make it happen at least for a day

Waking up from an unusual slumber
I heard the noise of battlewagon of the rain
As the wind smashed through the coconut trees
I sensed the raw fragrance of the barren earth
I wondered why it is raining on a new year’s day!
I wonder if this is the year to redefine the seasons
As now rain comes unprecedently and lasts for long
While the winter and summer plays hide and seek game
Though it ruined my day, it let me to get lazy once more
To slip down into the arms of music and raw thoughts

Rain has given me an excuse to stay clear from stress
Sometimes, embracing the idleness in company of rain
In the lonely den of this world is much better than being out
Venting out the stress at some hapless opponents somewhere
As rain brings pieces of peace inside its droplets to share with us
May be this rain is just a new-year gift from the sky to think
A path might unfold by holding the droplets in the heart
A reminder for the days to come, peace will lead the way

Wish you all a happy new year! 


Saumya said...

I love this, especially all of the references to the rain. They really add to the tone of this piece and show the dual nature of rain!

Johny said...

Saumya,thanks for reading. Wish you a happy new year. :)