4 Jan 2011

Rain journey

It was a delightful evening
Blessed with chilly sweet rain
Neither too heavy nor too light
But we felt it gentle to walk through it
Waited for a late night train to hometown
As we missed the last early evening train
All the seats in the bogey were taken
We occupied the space near the door

As the train moved, I saw the drizzle
In the shade of lights on the track
Later, I noticed the rhythm of rain
Dancing in the arms of the gentle wind
Resembling a romantic ballroom dancing couple
But the speedy train separated them with its force
Turbulently without any truce towards their unison 
As the train breached the darkness and silence of night
I saw the dark clouds on the sky with the lights in the bogey
Though the chilly wind bothered us a bit, it was refreshing
We sat on the floor; we stood at times, choicelessly awake  
When others somehow slept despite the crunched space
I never watched rain that longer at late night before
I felt scared whenever train ran through the bridges
As I saw the burgeoned rivers and lakes with rainwater
More over I saw the fierceness of rain piercing the water
Like a ruthless warrior killing his opponent in battlefield
Rain showed the face of innocence when it oozed down
Through the roofs of houses or drenched trees along the track

When the train rested at the stations, I saw the glittering rain
Sprinkling colorfully as the overhead lightings reflected it
By the time, the train reached my hometown
The canvas for the rain changed from darkness
But it kept painting as if it found endless joy
Coloring the nature with its colors 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh wow .. first of all I just loved the way you penned it , its just fantastic , more so because I love rains , especially while travelling , as I glided through the words I could envision the whole scenario and became your silent company in the words . You have penned it beautifully including all emotions of love and fear of rain in perfect flow .. Its wonderful ! Keep it up !