29 Jan 2011


A day without thoughts
It’s like living in coma
Dead but alive
With heart beats

Living in a world of darkness
Where there is no sensation
No cheers, no tears
No agony, no joy
Just a relief

Stranded somewhere in vacuum
Lying idle on the bed of frozen time
Waiting for the salvation in heaven
As those moments are tempting
Rarely someone walked back
To the life from there alive
As it’s the cliff of quitters

A day without dreams
It’s like fishing in desert
With Just sand to catch
Facing the harsh reality

Sometimes it’s better
To swim through the thoughts
Foresee the things ahead
Plan properly to tackle
Possible bottlenecks

It might look so pessimistic
Experience tells me otherwise
There are no safe paths to travel
You have to punt every now and then
On an unknown path to reach destiny
Thoughts are intuitive twin-soul
That makes individuals distinct
Hold on to it or else
Just be a robot

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ms pie said...

really enjoyed your post... it is light it is dark... which shall we choose... excellent choice of words and wisdom

dustus said...

Very nice presentation of weaving imagery with stanzas. Enjoyed your post.

Brian Miller said...

nice...lots of truth...i am ready to jump...

Claudia said...

oh yes - we should hold on to our dreams..so much good thoughts in your poem

Steve Isaak said...

Solid, thoughtful work.