7 Jun 2011

Erratic luminous omen

Life was erratic
Disillusioned with the greed
Disoriented with the purpose
Of living, when I failed to buy time
To save my dearest soul
To catch the precious breath
To survive in this world
Though, I ran like a sprinter
On that fateful night
I might never run like that again
For anything, no matter what at stake
Though, my heart pounds harder still
With nerves wrangling tighter
When I face those deadlines
That I always shied away
Still a luminous angel
Drives me to walk again
To climb the mountains
Of tasks left to achieve
To survive
And thrive again
Like the trees growing green
Again in spring, after the fall
By raining a gritty omen
With actions of courage
Outwitting the fears
To achieve the things beyond
With an ease
Making me wonder!
Why I can’t do the same !


Anonymous said...

I really the love the way you used the words especially "gritty omen"

Short Poems said...

Very nice, wrapped up so beautifully!

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