7 Jun 2011

Surreal to Real

Barriers are crumbling down
Distances are narrowing down
Hearts are falling down
For the invisible souls
That keeps flying afar
Through the wings of the web
Sharing all the sweetest dreams
Poaching all the darkest secrets
Sourcing all the hardest exploits
Wiping all the bloody tears
Riding an adventure
Full of hope
Face to face
Voice to voice
Embrace to embrace
So real from surreal
Hours that brought together
The souls through words
Magical views on screen
Games played with fun
Fights fought with fury
Patch ups done with passion
Promises made with devotion
Altogether now looks real
While holding the hands
While looking at the eyes
Bemused without words
It’s the dawn of a relation
Cemented with love
From surreal to real 

This poem is about two people who fell in love through facebook, whom i met today on a park. Images thanks to google.

 This poem is for  oneshotwednesday . Visit there for more creations of other poets. Thanks :)


Brian Miller said...

that is really cool...we meet so many people online and never really meet them...but to see love bloom out of it is a very cool thing...

C Rose said...

Very cool piece to share their story. Nice feel of a flurry in your composition. Much enjoyed ~ Rose

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Story of our time - too busy for love to flower in passing gardens. Is the poems shape part of the poem as well?

Pat Hatt said...

Interesting take on the online way
As away from it I tend to stray
But you are correct as life has become more about being plugged in
And sometimes you do win

janice said...


your creativity and unique approach with conveying your poem and the special story within it is delightful...i adore the drawing and the photo below of the heart in the sand...there is so much to convey about love captured between computers, and i truly enjoyed the way your poem grew and stretched, expanded and receded, just as your relationship was undergoing so many levels...and how your words formed a sculpture with sensual and delightful curves...

had to tell you how much i enjoyed reading your poem and how you have taken your readers from surreal to real...

great writing...