29 Jul 2011


Running briskly
With perspiring senses
Wildly beating heart
Checking the watch every other moment
To see how much time lost already
To calculate possible reaching time
To raise the speed
And to prepare for an abrupt entrance

There is a big price to pay
For getting late
A risk
As you stand to lose out
The savory moments upfront
Amongst the settled audience
Engaged fluidly up to the occasion

Then the door cracks up
Breaking the silence of even the noise
Making heads to turn around for a glimpse
To see the distracting latecomer
With countless eyes sprinkling spotlights
Walking past the aisle
Becomes nervy like on a ramp

Nodding the sorry with the eyes
And the bowing head
Whispering the excuse
From the shell of a sorry figure
Without any idea about the scenario
That persisted there

A messy catch up work remains
To be done, to get on level terms
With all those present there
With short enquiries for briefings
Fighting against the time  
To make up for the lost time
Before gelling into the zone
With the ease in breathe 

Scary, if there is scolding
Funny, if there is mocking
Light hearted banter for folks
There is always an awkward moment
Awaiting the late comer

Images: Thanks to rightful owners

24 Jul 2011

The Fiddle Player

On the corner of a bustling city centre
He stood,
Another tough day to conquer
At the mercy of strangers
Walking past the street
He played his fiddle
Emitting the heavenly aura
With the sweetness of his music
Some people stood there to listen
Some sat on the benches and engaged
In the rhythm of his solemn creativity
He played song after song
Changing the mood with each beat
A talented musician plying his art
On the street, to earn bread
Some acknowledged his efforts
And threw some pence in his fiddle cover
He wasn’t looking at the money
He just played the music
Until he got tired
I hope, one day his luck may turn golden
As his music has a soul of honesty and hope
May be, one well-wisher will give him a big break
To play his fiddle amidst the symphony than on street

There are so many talented musicians who play their music on streets just for pennies.They play simple but heartening music, without any show offs.  Images : Thanks to rightful owners

23 Jul 2011


" every rose blooms,
 spreads fragrance, 
spreads smile, 
carries the love,
 dazzles in mist, 
becomes mystic in drizzle,
 then dulls down with the sun,
 bidding adieu to the world, 
but rose still catches imagination,
 making us love its successors,
 just as it,
 with the charm"

Images : Thanks to the rightful owners

Rain - A curse

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