30 Nov 2011

Dawn of retirement

They worked like machines through ages
To build their lives and future of their kids
Now, old to be dynamic,
Yet, for authorities, they are not old enough
To seek the leisure and peace of retirement
May be they are living in fool’s paradise
As politicians never retire until heaven calls them
 What will these hapless people do?
Alone in their final days
Nobody around to look after
Left to face the freeze in the winter
With no heat aids to support
No money for holidays
Pawns of hedging pension funds
Generations spoiled with benefits
Cut aside from the values of Victorian age
The system of looking after the old aged
All within the family
In the name of independence
Leaving home at early age
Leaving the burden on government
To look after an ageing population
Who is to blame?
The middle aged can’t even rest
As pensions mocks at their face
As a question mark over their future
With no choices to opt
Destined to work longer
In the name of higher life expectancy
Some of them can’t even see the dawn of retirement
Recession is a silly excuse
To cover the holes of faulty economic policies
There is money to support wars abroad
But, there is no money for the beleaguered
Now they can work more
With a dream about a dawn
Sitting in the couch, reading a paper
Going out with friends to the pub
To beach to feel the sunshine
Without the stress from bosses
Without the worry about paychecks
With pension, the mr. safeguard on side
Without depending on anyone else
But, that dawn of retirement is moving farther
Somebody has to stop it sooner!

 This poem is a form of support for those people who deserve early retirement!When the legs and hands become weak, we should let them rest and live the life without worries! Extending the retirement age is an escapism! Images: Thanks to respected copyright holders!