1 Jan 2012

Helpless Moments

Some moments freezes as it is
Refuses to melt down
As if, it is an imprint to live with
The more I try to forget it
The more it haunts me
A deep regret within my soul
A plight I tried to avoid
I chased the time, to catch some air
Even the shortest distance from safety
Looked so distant, on a night slept in silence
But, my legs weren’t strong enough
In that night of misfortune
I prayed for all the luck
There was nothing left in my destiny
A hollow mind and a strangled heart
Kept me drowning,
While I tried to hold on to the hands of hope
I still ask myself, why I am so slow to react
When it matters the most!
I wonder why I forgot even the sense
To make a simple call , I panicked
As I saw the last breath gasping to the doom
Stood numb and signed that record
On final moment of your life
I still can’t forgive myself
For failing to save you, by a whisker
A few minutes,
I wished I could buy those moments
And give you a breather
While I saw
 You flying away from me forever
Leaving my hands
I still haven’t found my promised land
Without you, I am still wandering

Images: Courtsey dreamstime.com, flickrhivemind.net

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