1 Jan 2012

New Year 2012

Just a change of guard
Like we move from yesterday to today
We leave behind bunch of memories
We leave behind the treasures of joy
We leave behind the trenches of losses
As the clock tick to the twelve
The fireworks mar the beautiful winter sky
With the smoke covering the glowing stars
A night is kept awake with loud music
With dancing floors sweating in its misery
Rather than the nectar, alcohol flows
Like rivers of ecstasy filling empty hearts
While those struggling, wish for a change
Hope for a new dawn and new path
Those who gave up hope plays down
It’s just another number, a routine
While the predecessors wonder in heavens
What is this mess?
This is just another month and another day
While April is the real New Year
Now it’s a fools new year
But how about those cultures
Where there are many new years
Depending upon on beliefs and harvests
Yeah, it’s just another day another year
A cycle to repeat to add to the history
This time that year that day
Get some sleep and wake up
It’s the same you
Even with all new resolutions

 Image: Courtesy discreet news! Visit thursday poets rally to read exciting creations of other poets. Thanks.


zongrik said...

new year is a time of hope

Natalie said...

love the big ben in London.

great verse.
have a blessed new year.

Nithin R.S. said...

Thanks for reading !

Taylor Boomer said...

keep hoping, have a profound 2012.