15 Jul 2012

Promised land

We live in a world with manipulated justice
Ruled by dictators, with brute force
Groomed by greedy power mongers to vote
With manifestos written in golden lies
We know what we will get in return
Corruption, exploitation, and stagnation
Yet, we remain silent robots, with all anger
But,in a spring of change, some daredevils uprooted 
The corroded corridors of power with a wish for freedom 

We have a modern, but muted League of Nations
That remains blind when bombs dismantle civilizations
And dumb, when people cry loud for help and justice
Defenders of democracy, created new colonies
After massacring innocent societies to gift freedom
They installed puppet authorities to auction the resources
To the ever greedy behemoth corporations of Wild West
They sell arms to neighbors, and foes within
They reap profits while their bullets and shells splash blood

Millions ran for their lives, to find a promised land for refuge
To lead a peaceful life, with assurance of waking up alive
But they are the unwanted burden for the economies of benefits
People risks drowning in depths of chilly seas
Evades the scorching heat of the deserts
Thorn filled paths of unknown terrains
To engage in a proxy battle with eagles waiting to nab
To prevent the souls from entering promised land
This is the fate of refugees, asylum seekers, or illegal migrants
Lucky if they make it to the safe shore
Phasing through the camps of  asylum 
If not, await deportation back to the world of despair

If there is peace, no one will leave the paradise
When you can’t give them the peace and safety
While creating dilapidated hells for them afar
Exploiting their resources in front of their eyes
Without giving prosperity or hope
People will keep flocking the borders
I wonder, how these modern nero’s play fiddle
With utmost peace  
While the war games they played
Comes back to haunt them in flocks
Stretching the limits of their own economies 

Images: Thanks to rightful creators 

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