28 Oct 2013

Drowning Bridge

It stood tall for years
Slicing down the distance
Meeting the ends of two hearts
With its panels across the destiny
Sending the messengers to exchange
The news and goodwill
It grew in stature as the symbol of bonding
It saw the fondness blooming like spring
It saw the summers and winters of friendship
It saw the cajoling romance and bitterness of fights
It hoped to remain as the rope between them forever
But, one moment of madness or craziness of fate
It sank slowly, without catching fire, without screams
Silence mourned its slow drowning on one side
Noisy memories kept yelling at it to hold on other side
The remnants of that bridge remain floating
Hoping for a miraculous renaissance 

Image Couresy: Blog Carnival  Thursday Tales 

Welsh Traitors

They roam right after the winter
Grazing the overgrown lawns
Of welsh valleys

Unfazed by the onlookers gazing
They are the darlings of misty Wales
They outnumber the welsh speakers

But, once we cross the Severn bridge
And if we find one of them
Grazing the English grass

My pony tailed welsh friend would yell
You traitor, what are you doing in England?
You are welsh, you go back to homeland

It’s just sheeps, and all they care is grass
But they are welsh traitors in England 

Images Courtesy  : Thanks to rightful creators