23 Nov 2009

Lizards –Household Dinosaurs

Everyone has fascination for dinosaurs
The lizard beasts extinct in the past
Leaving behind the legacy of a lifetime
But there are lizards still alive
The poor cousins of dinosaurs
Its seen everywhere in the house
Be it in kitchen, bathroom, garden, and rooms,
The miniature replicas of a giant legacy
Seen in different sizes and colors
Roaming in the walls in search of prey
Hides in the unlikely gaps
Lays eggs inside the lamps
Generations of them co-exist without affecting us
Killing all those flies, cockroaches like true hunters
Watching them, hunting is indeed amazing
Creeping so slow and then latching on
With its sticky tongues in a flash
True patient hunters with grit
It’s a god’s gift that they can shed tails
To fool the enemies, and to escape
As trembling tail can scare even the cold-hearted
My cat looks in all those walls
In search of beautiful lizards
As he likes to eat lizards
So when he is around, it’s a mystery
Where all those lizards vanish
These household dinosaurs
Acts as pets clearing the home from bugs
At times scares by flying around
When least expected
Though some big cousins of them strives in jungles
These lizards happily live in homes with comfort

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