23 Jun 2022

Pressures And Deadlines

This is an old handwritten poem salvaged by my mother today. I am hoping to find countless old poems written on paper. 

21 Jun 2022

My Sassy Girl

I am healed 
After years of misery
Gifted by those girls 
Who left me for new pastures
They had their fair reasons 
They believed that I will be alright
But I ended up with depression 
Now I am alone 
I need a sassy girl 
Different from those who left me 
Someone who could bring new 
Experiences of my dull life 
Someone, with whom I could explore 
The places I have never visited before 
Someone, with whom I could write 
Poetries of love and romance 
Someone, who will be a companion 
For the rest of my life 

After listening to the song 'I Believe' from my favourite Korean movie 'My Sassy Girl, I wished to write a poem. The image is taken from SoundCloud.

20 Jun 2022

Mysterious Well

 An abandoned well 

Inside a forest 

Attached to an old temple 

There was no water for centuries

As it was filled with earth over the time 

Astrologers predicted that there is a hidden treasure 

Beneath the layers of the earth in the well 

Some treasure hunters left behind the tools 

Besides the heaps of earth, they removed 

From the well, might be in dismay 

The natives were amused to see water 

During their lifetime in this well 

Native temple devotees see no reason 

To dig the well again  for water 

It might have taken so many days 

To remove that much earth from the well 

Police are now looking for the culprits 

It seems that the treasure hunters failed 

In finding the treasure in the well 

The well is attracting curious visitors now 

This poem is based on a piece of news I saw. The image is taken from mathrubhumi

19 Jun 2022

My Percussion Dreams

 I focus on the layers of drum beats 

When I listen to the songs 

I started my tryst with percussion 

By making beats on a wooden bench

As a kid, emulating tabla in mind 

Given my interest, my father let me learn tabla

I loved those fast notes and tried to grasp

But I was bad at byhearting the notes 

So my learning was slow 

I was so insecure about my tabla skills

That I skipped meeting the legendary singer Yesudas

When he came to meet the music students

It remains a regret that I didn't play for him

When the high school became more important

I had to take a break from the lessons 

I did perform before audiences 

With contrasting  fortunes

I used to jam along with some nice beaty songs 

Then I fell in love with drums 

Bought drum sticks and joined a class

After learning the basics for a few months I quit 

I have two pairs of drum sticks waiting for me to play

Maybe I will learn drums again

And fix the tabla to play it again 

As beats in songs still slip my heart to beat the desk

And I dream to play beats in front of an audience again

Most people follow their musical aspirations. I have left my percussion learning midway. The beats of songs still lure me to try beating the desk. I want to make up for an embarrassing tabla performance in front of a packed audience someday. The images are taken by Carlos Castilla and By Heaven

17 Jun 2022

Internet Explorer


Goodbye to Internet Explorer

I still remember the first time I went 

To an internet cafe with a friend 

To create an email id 

The slow buffering browser became

A part of my life 

As it was installed as the primary browser

In most the places

You had the monopoly as you came with MS Windows

When I had a monthly internet browsing card

I used to sift through countless web pages 

Checking for sports and other news 

While chatting on some messenger 

I remember browsing at home through 

Dial-up internet at home 

You buffered eternally slow 

While I searched for engineering topics

For my presentation  at college 

Then I moved on to other internet browsers 

With the availability of broadband internet 

But still browsed with you for nostalgia at times

Your monopoly ended when Opera, Mozilla, and Chrome 

Made inroads into the browsers' landscape 

Now that you're gone

I must say, you were very underappreciated

For the job you did during the internet revolution

Though internet explorer was hated by the people due to its slowness and bad features, it played a huge role in the internet revolution. Its monopoly was down to the fact that it came with the Microsoft operating systems and most of the computers had Microsoft OS. People craved better browsers with better features. Microsoft was eternally slow to update IE and others made better browsers and IE ended up in the bin. Microsoft opted to create Bing and IE was bound for ignominy.