23 Nov 2009

Missing the soul

Am I the same?
As I once used to be.
I really wonder now!
Why am I so calm?
I never been so,
It’s unlike my nature!
It’s now bothering me.

I am facing tense situations,
With promises to meet,
But am I tense?
I believe, I am not!

I used to be worrisome,
Thinking too much,
On everything that is irrelevant,
Now, too calm to be worried!

I wonder!
I amn’t missing things,
Like the way I used to be.
Springing up crazy things,
When used to miss,
Not anymore!

Just feeling to write
all the time;
Like once I dreamed,
Like once I wished.

But lazy soul never did it,
Then how come now?

I am so active!
Not realized till now,
It’s not for good,
“Feeling myself being escapist,”
Rather than reformed!

Hence I feel,
“I am missing the soul,”
That used to be hyperactive!

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