23 Nov 2009

Never Give-up

“Never give up, cos there are chances to rise again”!
Things might go, from bad to worse, shattering all your hopes.
And, you may feel, that you are reaching nowhere!
It takes your time and sweat, while someone else reaping the returns,
It may seem that all those efforts of yours worth nothing at all, yet keep moving.

The path that you choose might not be working, to take to those heights you dream,
“Every step you take may seem unlucky, yet you shouldn’t give up the hope”!

Many aspirations surrounding you, spurs you all the time to give your best,

Yet, it is so frustrating and heartbreaking even to think about,
What you have achieved for your efforts until now?
As insecurity and the obligations of yours haunting you all the time,
With your faith in others, for getting ladder to success fading day by day,
You have to think ahead and afresh, with a new intent, forgetting the disappointments.

But this is life, you have to understand, nothing comes so easy,
“Those who succeeded scraped past all the obstacles, with resilience.”
It takes your willpower to see out this phase, and this is your moment of truth,
Now your fate lies with your actions, and this is the test of your character.

You have no place to hide; you have only one chance and option,
Go for the kill all alone, with your experience as the source of strength,
Pounce on those small chances you get, than sticking on unyielding avenues.
Once you do well, others will take note of you and will bring you luck,
Luck of opportunities that could launch you, towards the top as you always wished,
Bringing the money that eluded, the joy that you cherished and the smiles of your loved ones.
“So keep the faith in what ever you do, and never give despite all hardships”!


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