23 Nov 2009


The entire success is up for grabs
There is opportunity for everyone to make it to the top
It’s tough to realize the precious opportunity
Not all realizes at the right time and catch it
Whoever sees the path ahead and believes in it moves ahead
All it takes is a mind with amazing dreams and aims
One with willingness to give everything to get it done
Will embrace the joy of achieving success
Some says hard work brings the opportunities
‘But some times luck brings it
In the form of some god fathers
Or in the form of lotteries or bets
Grab that chance and strike the gold
May be another chance might not come your way
Some times opportunities galore one after another
Leaving one confused for choosing the best
It takes acumen to choose the right one
If tries luck on multiple opportunities
It may doom one into troubles
By not being able to concentrate on any of it
May be greediness
Or may be the fear of not getting another opportunity
Or belief that letting away one won’t be the right one
Indecisiveness and diffidence making one holding to all
Either will end up exhausted attending everything
Or will give up some, easing the pressure to perform better
If one rest in royal of the opportunities availed
And not putting the effort required
All of them might vanish one after another
Without a trace of a possibility to get, back any
For getting successful its vital
To hold on to the given chances and to perform well
Not just that, also to sustain the tempo
If its possible opportunities of another level will come
To take one to the heights after heights
But some times hard work won’t give opportunities
Patience and persistence matters it most then
One who has a big heart to see off those hard times smiling
And hoping for brighter times while giving the best efforts
For unrewarding tasks, may be just for accolades
Soon there will be an opportunity to steer the hardships
Into the luxury of a beautiful life
Biggest looser is who never values his opportunities
Fortunate to get so much deservingly or undeservingly
Yet not utilizing it to the potential
Arrogance and jadedness will ruin the image of one
No matter how much the effort put, those will counteract
When the tide goes the other way
Remaining lazy and acting lax in carrying out the work
May get away some times out off luck
Not always will spared by the sheer luck
When it reaches the boiling point of bursting up
Will loose the precious opportunity to the good
It doesn’t matter how one was or what one was once
How much effort was given, what accolades were there
Or how talented or how influential was
Will fall down to the depth of failures
A harsh reality of life, harder one to cope up with
It may even take so much time to come in terms with it
By then regrets won’t matter at all
Even double big efforts won’t become handy to claw back
As there are hundreds awaiting in the field to take the opportunity
One’s loss is a gateway of others success
Once he becomes ordinary without support
The competition becomes so tough to be in it
Even with abundance in talent and experience
Might end up failing again and again
Struggling to touch the purple patch again
Even the tears and prayers might not save the agony and frustration
Sailing the moments awaiting an opportunity might be like living ages
Reminding the very fact that opportunities are not birthright of any
No one can demand command over it always
One remains in spotlight so long as he has the opportunities
To perform at the top to show the worth
Once dumped out without it, he is mere shadow of a glorious past
Past, more of a dream enacted with elegance
Fame and money will drain away, those who surrounds will fade away
There is no value when there isn’t opportunity to earn success
A faint hearted will succumb to very pain of losses
Won’t ever make an effort to move up again cursing fate
Or remaining content with what is available remembering glory days
But someone with the venom to take a revenge to the failed self
Cold blooded veins, battle hardened mind and ever dreaming heart
Will aid him to keep challenging the odds to rewrite the fate
If one knows the path to success and achieved once won’t forget it
Its clear when there isn’t any opportunity availing it has to be created
What it takes is never say die belief
Building the road back to the top right from the ground
Just like building a skyscraper right from the foundation
Clinching and clinging on the faintest chances even though non-valuable
Conquering it and risking the every step ahead building the confidence
Soon opportunities will come without even a hint
There wont be any surprise or any shock or over joy as its just another step
As any complacency at that stage is nothing less than suicidal
One who learned the lesson of loosing opportunities won’t ever let go another
As life is nothing but a continuous journey in search of glory
If stop again to celebrate it or relax a bit, others will overtake
An opportunity is worth a lifetime
The money, fame and all that we term as success
Just doesn’t comes as a gift from anyone
Everyone has to earn for the right to have opportunity
Being over joyed on lucky breaks wont do any good
As every rise has a fall, awaiting no one can escape this tide
One who learns the art to sail in this tide will be the survivor
Not a conqueror as bad luck can take away everything undeservingly
Numerous people suffered in the hands of bad luck
Many returned to the fold with hard work
And by taking the one off opportunity offered
Those we worship as stars are as susceptible as any other is
What makes them special and successful is their quest for more
Never to look down, just to aim high, high and high always
Amazing stories of comebacks are thrilling to read and to get inspired
All it takes is one opportunity to emulate them to be successful.


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