23 Nov 2009

Port of New Hope

One day i will be there
To see you my dream, in real
I waited for a long time
To start this journey of my lifetime
I saw you everyday in my mind
I wished only one thing
To be there, to see you once
Then to be with you forever
Time is running out
Seasons moving out in haste
Every day that passed away
Reminded me about you
That I am so far away from you
It always haunted me like hell
Now my wait is over
I have drawn my path on the map
To be there at the shortest time
To embrace you my love
Then to build a life together
Over the blocks of the past
With the hopes for future as pillars
Once I am there
I could see your smile
I could feel the pressure of moving ahead
I always thought why I am waiting
When the destiny is calling me
To be there at the place of yours
Where all the pleasure I want is waiting
But the lazy thoughts hold me back for long
Its not the fear, more of the curiosity
That wired me up to this land
Now my eyes see you only
My words talks about you only
Imagining about the first meeting
Working out on the things to say
Planning the places to explore
Now the distance means nothing
I feel that you are closer than ever before
Awaiting my arrival at the Port of New Hope

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