23 Nov 2009

Thin line of misery

It seems
Lonely times are staring at me again
With fierce silence waving in
I am left with no words to tell
I am left with no choice at all
Donno what to tell
Donno what to do
What ever i tried to do
Didn’t really making any impact
Now I am like a substitute player
Just watching from the sidelines
Actions taking place in the field
Wishing that I could take my place
And I could roll the ball
Just like I used to do.
Things that I never intended to do
Came out like a dragon ball
I didn’t even notice
I never felt I m going wrong
It’s a curse,
I cant keep my eyes hiding the facts
I wish I could tell something
But fear of losing
Kept me in the shadows
Now when the lights turned on
I am caught open handed
Everything that I tried to suppress
Now it seems left me in this state
But I swear
I didn’t want to hurt anyone
I didn’t want to loose anyone
Yet I am seeing
One by one, people leaving me
I wish I could change the time
I wish I could turn back ma actions
The very feeling of loosing
Its keeping me right down there
At the tunnel,
Wishing not to see that field again
I miss those revelling time in the field
The fun that I had with all
Now that I feel I am strong enough
To let things go past me
Without even grumbling a word
But memories will hurt all the time
I want to talk
But I m left alone..
Promises are there to keep
I cant take this anymore
Is love a crime?
I tried all the time
Not to let me dragged into it
Cos it can harm precious relation
But the more I am left alone
The more I started missing
Then I realised
Its beyond my wishes
Without even uttering a word
I am done and dusted
Now I miss the company
A source to share the issues
I miss the pleasantries
The words of solace and frankness
I miss the every moment
That I loved to have always
Friends are forever
But never let anything to come in-between
Cos even a lifetime cant get you back
The precious little gift!

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