23 Nov 2009

UNO ..Assembly of modern Neros'

World war ended the reign of
"League of Nations"
But it gave space for another
Farce organisation..UNO

I wonder
Why we need UNO
When there is NATO,SEATO,ASEAN
and countless forums with selfish interests

How on earth
They can assign power to five nations
An yellow elephant..."Security Council"
To decide the fate of rest of the world
They vetos important decisions
To favor the ones who merit nothing
Some times i think
Those are the real terrorisers of this world
Forcing war on hapless nations
Killing millions of innocent nations
They lead in the market of arms and ammunition
Then how can they bring peace?

UNO..I feel they are the
Assembly of Modern Neros'
They close eyes on the suffering of
Palestine people
While support the wrong motives of
In the name of a threat
They allowed USA to destroy Iraq
But we all know,its for the oil
The whole drama of freedom and liberation
Stagemanaged to perfection
Kudos UNO

We the poor people kept faith in you
To control the rogue nations
Who dominate the world with brutal force
But now you are nothing but
A remote controlled toy
of the worst perpetrators of cruelty

They talk about democracy
Where is it in china?
Hapless tibeteans suffer,you close eyes

Pakistan can sieze indian land,
you close eyes
You endorsed the illegal posession
as disputed land,oh god
then sends observers
You close eyes on terrorism funded by states
You do nothing

You all created israel uprooting palestinei people
What were you doing,when USA played
war dance in Vietnam?

How can you put embargoes on nations
when the real criminals are with in you
You cost millions of lives
with your embargoes ,will you pay?

What is the use of this jumbo
When it gives nothing to humanity?I wonder
you can do nothing about global warming
you can do nothing about arms race
you can do nothing about poverty

all you do is endorsing the views of
some lopsided idiots,who want to dominate
the entire world with their rule

Get rid of the security council,if you can
Get the decision by voting,
By letting all nations to be a part
Of decision taking.
Cos we cant let the world suffer
Due to the selfish wishes of some
Rich countries.

G-5,G-14,G-20,they have so many groups
to be together
Then why an UNO..dismantle it
or revive it with whole power
To control the real culprits
To safeguard the freedom of people
To empower people from hunger
To provide peace for the world
We need a strong UNO
without the lobbying of super powers
Else all the terrorising powers
Will come together to raise
a chain of terror,endangering lives
of this world

You cant let a country to bomb a nation
oceans apart in another country
In the name of threat
If you cant stop it.better cease to exist.

Nithin R S

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