12 Dec 2009


There were times, when I had my chances
Every road looked leading towards success

But lazy mind, never really took them fully
Now regretting, all those given up chances

I feel I am being tied up, with no ways to escape
I am forced to see my dreams being guttered
With my remorseful eyes, I saw vanishing light
From the strongest faith I had in myself, myself
I saw all others racing past me in a hurry
While I am still snailing with a handicap
That shows, how badly I fared in this game
Now it hurts so much, too painful to bear

I wished to do, a lot of things,
I want to do, a lot of things
But now, it’s out of my hands,
 I could barely do anything

Don’t know, whether to cry or to scream
Or Thrash things to pieces or to go silent
This is getting me into a state of revenge
I feel, I have been left with lot to prove

A sense of helplessness
 Ignited unrelenting fury
 It’s burning inside my heart
Agony, I am in agony
Agony of a lifetime 

1 comment:

Luisa Doraz said...

You have quite the talent for speaking with words! Keep up your energy and passion! Thanks for stopping in and saying hi on my blog! Hope you are having a great weekend! :)