23 Sep 2009

Spoon storm

it's a minute storm, that we create in a bowl
With the swirling force of spoon,
But if seen through eyes of small particles,
Present in that bowl, it’s enormous and fiery
As they are squeezed, swirled up and down
With no ways to escape 

This poem is inspired by a haiku that I read today.

6 Sep 2009

1001 Excuses

One day
My client asked me
To write an e-book on excuses
For submitting work so late
After being fed up hearing excuses
So unique every day
He was wondering, how I get so many excuses!
You can imagine, how lazy I am
This is the same old story
That every client I worked with have to tell

Clients give me a day or some hours
To finish an article and then to send it
Even if I have weeks to do
I starts working
I wake up so late as ever
First I count, how many hours left for the deadline
I could find enough time to sit idle
Even then, I will have some hours to finish the work
With few hours left for the deadline
I start working, setting period for each article
Then start rushing to finish it off
There come some un-expected issues
I find myself getting after it
With no choice but to attend it
Deadline gets so closer
Then it becomes a race against the time
Not always, there is a happy-ending

Once the deadline is over
I start getting mails and calls from clients
I have no choice but to answer them
They ask why I haven’t send work on time.
From silly illness to serious issues
From travel to events
Power cuts to internet troubles
Every day I kept giving excuses
I hope to meet deadlines someday
Without any excuses
To give relief to the clients

This poem is for those who always looked forward to my excuses.

Esmee Denters

Voice of yours just flew into my heart
As if, it’s a breeze with inspiration
May your voice flourish in more hearts!
Giving joy and absorbing their pain
Keep singing with a beautiful smile
It can just swirl a wave of exuberance
Around all those listening to you
Music can bring hearts across the world
Towards the dome of unity,
Where just love thrives
Where compassion and peace rules