29 Nov 2009

Don't you wish !!

Don’t you wish to have a shop?
From where you could buy happiness when you are sad
And some device which could store happiness
Unlike your heart for longer period

Don’t you wish to sell your tears and buy smiles in return?
As you, find hard to console your lonely heart
When things go wrong

Don’t you wish to have a cloning center?
From where you could get your loved one back
As love is hard to forget
And getting over a heart break
Some times becomes more than impossible
As the more you try, the more it haunts
Its better you get the clone of your love
To have a make believe life

Don’t you wish to insure your dreams and hopes?
So that you always get compensation for all your losses
That hurts your heart and gets you back the joy
At the earliest as possible
With great interests and add-ons
As, you can endure happy times
But, you can’t endure sad times

Don’t you wish to have a safe locker?
Where you could deposit
Your haunting memories of past
So that you don’t get nightmares

Don’t you wish to have a time machine?
So that you can always relive the moments
You love the most
Or era’s which you wish to be in
This is in past or in future

Don’t you wish to have a dream machine?
So that you can live your fantasies
Or live a kind of life that you dreamed off
With someone special, that never materialized

Don’t you wish to have a memorial park?
Where you could meet the souls of deceased
Who are closer to your heart!
Whenever you miss them and want to talk to them
So that you can live with the belief
As if your loved ones are always with you
No matter whether they are alive or not

These wishes are beautiful
But if it becomes true
Then this life will turn
To be a matrix of happiness

May this earth become a heaven!
And you get everything you want
May all the dreams come true!
And happiness sustain everywhere
It’s a tax less wish that you can have
Whenever you feel, you are lost
As sometimes fairy tale, thoughts can hide your pain for good

28 Nov 2009

It's been ages

It’s been ages
Since I heard your voice
It’s been ages
Since I got reply from you
It’s been ages
Since we shared some time
It’s been ages
Since I stopped texting you
It’s been ages
Since we cracked jokes together
It’s been ages
Since you laughed with me
It’s been ages
Since you made me positive
It’s been ages
Since I showed my poems to you
It’s been ages
Since we wrote together
It’s been ages
Since I saw you angry
It’s been ages
Since we had a fight
It’s been ages
Since I made you cry
It’s been ages
Since I saw your smile
It’s been ages
Since I saw mornings without you
It’s been ages
Since you ended my nightmares
It’s been ages
Since I realized my mistakes
It’s been ages
Since I felt sorry for you
It’s been ages
 Since you last missed me
It’s been ages
Since you forgot me
It’s been ages
Since you left me for your wish
It’s been ages
Since I’ve been thinking about you
It’s been ages
Since I started my endless wait for you

26 Nov 2009

Cloned Baby

Everyone long to have a cute baby
Once they grow into their youth
With strong feelings of affection
Running inside the heart
To care an innocent face
As the time changed
Relations are in anarchy
Arranged marriages or love marriages
Now there’s no guarantee of getting along together
Egos are fighting it out over every silly thing
Nobody wants to give a damn inch

Dating is no more than a farce event
Many looking for one nightstand
Or to have live in relations without commitments
Age is not a bar anymore
                                  Some rush to marriage, thinking that it will work
Soon to part ways over some fights
Gays and lesbians are just like other couples
It’s hard to believe

Abandoned girls over pregnancy
Or girls walking away for lonely life
Single mothers and single fathers
A reality hurts some times
Time and time again

Cheating husbands and cheating wives
Secret affairs that kills integrity of marriages
Divorces are just like any other formality
No value for relations
There is no love for a lifetime
As people are looking for that elusive love

The long battles for the possession of kids
It’s emotional war fought by attorneys
You can see tearful fathers and mothers
Seeing the court giving the rights of kids
To ex-spouses
Some may never get to see their beloved kids

There arises the question
What about having a cloned baby?
Countless couples struggle to have kids of their own blood
With treatments never yielding results
Some have to rely on donor banks
For getting pregnant
Giving an hidden feeling of guilt of failure
To the partners

Some have to rely on surrogate mothers
They hire their motherhood for someone else’s happiness
For some money
As mere carriers,
They never get to take care of those kids
Whom they given birth after ten long months
They face emotional separation for a lifetime

Why can’t authorities allow people to have cloned babies?
As the technologies are evolving
We have the dolly and other cloned animals
Lived in front of us
May be there’s some short comings
But I feel someone has to take initiative
That could change the lives of millions
Soon hapless cheated singles can have cloned babies
They won’t have to find out utopian partners
They can just have their babies
A reason worthwhile for living, than suffering alone
About-lost love and life
Then those hated lesbians and gays can have kids
Which once all believed as impossible scenario

Let’s make science fiction into reality
If guys can give birth to kid
With sophisticated techniques
Let’s have artificial wombs and incubators
Where babies can grow in peace
And doctors can keep the process in check
Babies are source for happiness
Every one has the right to have own babies
Those who oppose abortion
Open your eyes
See the pain of millions who crave for kids
Without emotional breakdown from relations

May be we can have a better world
With less unhappy relations
Let the singles be virgin parents, if they wish so
As they can’t bear the turbulence of relation
So that they have someone to look after in old age
Let couples have kids from their blood
And have some happiness in their families
You all support research on deadly weapons
For killing hapless and innocent people
Why you can’t let cloned babies to come to this world with smiles?
Just like those test tube babies did some decades back
I am waiting for seeing the smile of a cloned baby

Legendary Tree

Where is that old legendary tree?
For years, it stood as a talismanic figure
In front of a junction of history
Beside the historic royal path
In front of grand old institutions
Like the Victorian town hall, University college, Sanskrit college
It stood and saw the times of change
In the end, fell down to sacrifice itself as the cost
For new age development
Soon vehicles will run
Over the very place, where it stood
It seems something is missing there
Bright light is streaming around
Than that beautiful shadows of branches
Now the roadside vendors
Too went missing as part of change
In rain days, it covered many people from rain
With its massive branches
During hot sunny days, it gave the breeze
It gave shelter to hundreds of people from scorching heat
As they waited, for buses that headed towards their destinations
Now there is a big vacuum
It’s hard to fill in and it never will be filled in
Those who once enjoyed the warmth of it
They will surely miss it whenever they pass by
It’s inevitable, as hundreds have to travel
Wider road is a necessity
That marked the end of a glorious life
It left a mark on the history of the city
I still remember those beautiful greeting cards
Sold under the shade of that tree
During Christmas, Valentines Day, Friendship day etc
I still remember those vendors selling
Vegetables, fruits, seeds and other stuffs
I couldn’t forget some policemen
Standing and helping the pedestrians to cross the road
During rush hours
Now people will wait for bus in the bus shelter
Finally, it will have people standing there
As that grand old tree is no more to give shade
 Soon no one will remember that grand old tree
That stood meters inside the road
It was once a hub of activities
Now its space is a hub for vehicles to run fast

Sell Your Trust for One cent

Learn this lesson,anytime
You may fall from the grace
Then,every bit of your honesty will become just a piece of trash

It takes just matter of words to have your value degraded
Just when you talk sensible,pointing out the harsh facts
So,always be nice to all
Fake that you are supporting,just to remain trustworthy
That's how it's gonna work,now

Don't ever bother to advice,even when you foresee things
Cos,you gonna be treated unwanted
For being honest from the depth of your heart
If you advice to avert something,
with proof to substantiate it forcefully
All those nice times with your close ally might vanish
As bunch of sad memories

You will wonder,what I have done !
What shall i do to prove my trust?
Is it wrong to tell harsh truths?
Isn't there value for my trust?

It's amazing to be the untruthful
Just for being rude with words
There is no second chance to prove
Cos,all that matters is being nice

Its better
You sell your trust for one cent
Atleast you will get someone
Who will trust you for that price
Cos,when it's given for free
Your trust will have no value
So,sell your trust for one cent


What a way to mention youth!
An advertisement for a soft drinks
Needed something to refresh their image
After getting rid of old stars
What a way to divide nation
on the lines of old and young
Youngistan for young indians
But i wonder when will some other
come up with oldistan to tap up old indians
After branding Generation-X and Generation-Y
Now youth are from youngistan
In every media there is space for youngistan
Their opinion counts after all
Uttering bla bla bla in typical accent
Talking big about too many things
To take it further,youth channels
roping in freaky youngistanis
into splitsvillas and shameless numerous programs
Wow,that make some sense
Business after all,viewership and sponsorships
I wonder if the parents of youngistan
are really bothered about their kids
Doing all wierd stuffs on tv to get
some seconds of fame,without any remorse
Calling others horrendous abuses
And showcasing fashion,nothing less than vulgar
I wonder where this youngistan is going
People cries out for media moderation
But i wonder where are those moral policing forces
Closing their eyes on disection of so called sacred culture
caused by promoters of youngistan
an echelon of educated youth
with all kind of flashy gadgets in hands
mainly confined to the pockets in cities
Thats what the real youngistan is all about
There is a huge youth population
facing the life in adverse conditions
No body dare to reach out to that deprived youngistan
Cos it wont bring trp ratings for channels
A farce mania of youngistan will thrive on
Until they come up with some other fizzy stuff

25 Nov 2009

Marina Beach

Beaches are always so close to my heart
Since i live in a place with lot of beaches
I was excited about seeing a beach
That i saw on TV,ravaged by tsunami
Marina beach,chennai's own beach

Me and my friend hired an auto
As we didn't know the route
On the way,i felt the chennai heat
As if blowers are blowing hot air
from the sides
It turned to be just a short journey
But,we just couldn't prevent ourself
over paying ever greedy service provider

At first i looked forward
I asked myself, where is the sea?
I was surprised to see the long sand beach
so long and wide
I said to myself,oh my god
Its simply the biggest beach i ever visited
We walked towards the sea
It seemed that the distance isn't getting shorter

I thought,the long beach could
easily accommodate handful of football pitches
We saw the vendors on the beach
Serving colorful fish delicacies
and other snacks in various stalls

At a distance we saw the crowd
enjoying the waves in their little groups
Some were riding horses for fun
Some were walking along the beach
Some were sitting and watching the waves
Daring ones swam in those waves
Some who wanted to feel the waves
walked towards the waves
When the waves splashed with force
some were screaming and running backwards
Some fell down,and on lookers laughed
Some groups stood together
As if they wanted to conquer the waves
We went to have our feet wet
But i didnt feel the wave to be the that strong
Like the ones i normally see in my native beach
May be i was expecting alot about the waves
But surely felt the warm afternoon breeze of the sea

Some attention seeking guys
Showed their stunts in waves
To impress the beautiful ladies out there
Some girls were so busy in enticing
the guys who stared at them
We saw so many romantic couples
At one glance,we felt
Most of them were students
Who bunked classes from colleges
To have some romance on the beach
Families enjoyed their time in beach
letting kids to play on the sand
Some built castles and houses
Some were just running around

There were groups of students
In company of their teachers
Seeing the beach as part of tour
In short there were hundreds
who were excited about the waves and beach
I think,its a place that draws diverse hearts
With one passion

We tested out the fruit salad from a stall
Its a respite from the burning heat
Big open area and bright sun above
There are no place to hide
As we sat down , we saw some crabs walking around
Vendors came up with ground nuts and other stuffs
We saw some kids throwing bottles into sea
And then trying to snatch it back from the waves
A group was so immersed in that game
But one kid stood out from all
As he went towards the waves with a plastic board
May be a junk one.
He swam bit through the waves carrying it
Then he laid over the board and he floated
As the waves started coming towards beach
It seemed he was more of like laid surfing
For a kid to do such an act,was amazing
No one else dared to go that far like he did
Surely he got some appreciation from stunned eyes

As we had to return to railway station
We said good bye to the waves
And walked towards the bus stop
On our way we saw some burrows on beach
we went and watched it closely
Stunned by the scene
Yes,there were some tin cans containing water
from the depth of beach
We saw some kids filling thrown away bottles
with the water from those burrows
There were so many such filled bottled
Arranged  beside those burrows
I never saw such burrows in any beach before
many vendors stalls nearby had such water bottles,
we were less shocked though

We walked past the body sized posters of filmstars
may be for taking photos for the visitors by standing aside
We walked past the beautiful sculptured park
Saw many people resting there

Though buses came
I don't know why,i insisted on walking
Though we were tired,
May be i thought the distance was less
Or may be i liked the tiled walkway
With sculptured barriers on the side
While we walked ,we kept looking at the beach
Saw many upcoming lawns aside
Sprinkled with water
There were series of parks at some distance
Lost count of colleges and railwaystations
We kept walking in search of a Gandhi statue
Simply the beach was so long
I was envious,cos its so beautiful
May be i was too excited about walking
and watching the beach
But it took a toll on my friend
Who had a long journey undue at night
I wished to see the sun set though
But i had a train to catch
So kept on walking

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One day
My sister gave me a sketch of a girl

She told me
Brother,this is your angel

I looked at it
I saw lively eyes
Looking at me with a smile
I wondered,
how she gave life to those eyes,as if so real?

The fluttering hair gave an impression of a mermaid
The lips looked as if it want to say something
I could sense something special in it

I wondered
Is this an angel that i am waiting for?

That's her best work
I just couldn't take eyes from the angel
When i watched those eyes again
I felt as if someone is looking at me
May be an illusion,
What a gift from by my lovely sister

A Morning Journey

A Morning journey
Rare one for me
Given i rarely wake up early
Anticipation of events
Kept my mind in a state of excitation
The very thoughts about sceneries
the people whom i might meet
Instilled kind of eagerness for it

There was slight rain splashing unrelently
Even before sun rose
Unlike other days,i woke up early
The cold breeze endeared me
As i rarely experience it
I thought about a nostalgic journey
Which i could keep in mind for years
As it doesn't come more often

I Reached the railway station at time,
With my mom and brother
There is rush in the train
As it is a working day
With people travelling to get
to there offices and educational institutions
I got a seat beside a window
I had my daily dose of newspaper
As the train started moving
I engaged myself in sight seeing
The lakes,rivers,paddy fields
tracts of greenery and other landmarks
It just filled my idle mind
With enthusiasm to enjoy
The mystic beauty of morning

A journey in a train is exciting as ever
The chance to be with total strangers
Its indeed a joy for me
Listening to the untamed jokes
numerous debates accompanied with
Laughters and tough voices
It just adds up flavor to the beautiful morning

From stand still position
To a good running speed
The transition of the train gives an illusion
As if places are moving backwards
than the train moving forward

Rain drenched trees and plants
Water logged canals and plains
People walking aside the track
Everything is joyous to watch
The very sound of running wheels
and that of the engine
It is something unique to listen

The scenary of unused lands
Evoking sense of anger
Reminding the potential of a land mass

From the hassles of a city life
a journey through the silent tracts of land
With the widespread bliss of nature in background
Birds flying in search of food
People snailing towards daily routine
To be idle and watching as if in a holiday
A short journey
But a traveller in me is joyous
dreaming about another journey

Nithin R S

24 Nov 2009

Online Friend

Miles away from your town
Too far to visit
But so close to heart
and always there with you
When ever you are in need
A new digital age friend
or say online friend

Met somewhere in the big internet highway
At some forums or chat rooms
While time passing around
Starts with a hi,hello etc
Then slowly gets into
each others personal lives
Like two people separated by a giant screen

Words,speaks for itself
Before the voice and faces
Starts feeling each other

Without even meeting in real
In short span of time
Friendship grows like a big tree
Rooted inside the hearts as a part of life
Meeting every day through messengers
or mails or social networks
Sharing each others experiences
Shelling out all the jokes and laughter together

Online friend,
Someone who lets you speak,your heart out
Expressing the hidden pain
Unravelling the glories,memories and dreams
Unravelling the plans for the future
Some times like a mentor
Gives vital advises,when you go wrong
Sometimes like a peace keeper
Keeps you calmer
When anger gets hold of you
Some times become sister or brother
Sharing intense bond of love
True to be someoneone whom
You can depend upon
Friendship of souls

Excitement and anxiety
While waiting for the first glimpse
of the dear online friend
Its like awaiting for a beautiful present
Listening to the voice
Gives the feeling that
The distance is nothing much
Friend is out there hundreds of miles away
While watching through the webcam
It feels like,he or she is right beside you

In the comfort of home
During nights and free times
Now the world is bigger
With online friends filling the space
Hanging out together
In some cool virtual parties
3d chats lets meeting together
Like in animated movies
Sipping coffee together
Or walking together on beach
Or simply talking inside home
With cutting edge softwares
The possibilities of fun with friends are enormous

Online friend is someone
Who lives so far
But keeps you on track
Through words of magic
Consoles when tears breaks down
on your cheeks
Tries every card in the world
to cheer you up
Spends hours after hours
A chemistry that is undefinable

Now,online friend is just like family members
or the real friends you get to see
Someone who is a link to another society
Breaking the shackles of misbeliefs
And spreading the message of togetherness
No matter where they are.

Nithin R S

23 Nov 2009

Looters on road

Tricycle is the face of Indian transport
or say modern version of old rickshaw
We call it in short,auto
Its amazing how they take us through
the by lanes and heavy traffic
to our desired destination in comfort
Its our reply to the yellow cabs
But is it?
Everyone cant afford vehicles to travel
When it is urgent,we are forced
to rely on those autos
It can save us valuable time
As we can avoid every snailing buses
or other transport systems
But a breed of auto handlers
They think that we are at their mercy
We pay the money for the ride
We aren't approaching them for free ride
Government has fixed rates
Which i believe is reasonable
Now electronic meters are there
which give somewhat accurate readings
But they refuse to switch it on
Before they start the journey
We have to fight for our rights to travel
Is it our land or some other alien land?
As we are in urgent need,we succumb
to the demands,its our fault
Still,there is a limit for the greed
Even if they switch on the meter
In the end they fight to get more
than what the meter indicates
Its a shame that nobody cares
I lost count fighting rogue auto handlers
Who demand more than what they command
Authorities says,you complain to the cops
They will take action,
If actions are taken,then why aren't they changing?
One threatend,go and complain
Ive got lawyer,i will deal it there
Who will control these looters
Who loot the hapless commuters
Who rely these greedy morons
For urgent journeys
It seems we are destined
To fight every day with these looters
If you are lucky you can get away with bargain
if not you are destined to loose money
Or else you will loose precious time
And harassment in front of public
cos these looters don't have any shame

                Nithin R S

Serve or Quit ,indian parliamentarians

We the public aren't fools
But you consider us as fools,let it be
Cos we elect each of you
We watch your every step
Through the medias,
which cover your shameless mediocrity
How long will you remain unchanged?
Its a question to all the politicians,
their beloved leaders and fanatic followers
When people dont have means to
fight against the rising prices
When the people are struggling
to travel through the pothole filled roads
during the monsoon,
You are all trying to cover up the past
In the name of some idiotic leakage
inacted by sensation hungry media
fighting at the centre of parliament
Wasting precious crores of rupees
contributed by common people aka taxpayers
You become an member of parliament once
and you get pensions and other benefits
for the rest of the lives.
Do you remember the voters?
Yes the fools who voted you to parliament
To speak for us,as we couldnt be there
You all are mere representatives of us
Yet you are acting like kings
Forgetting your duties,that we gave you
We put our trust in you,but you are betraying us
Wake up you morons, don't take us for granted
You cant attend every meeting in parliament
You know how to speak in a rally
But somehow your tongue gets tied up
When you are inside parliament
You think about only your pocket
The telephone allowances,travelling allowances
You travels at our expense,its not your birth right
Its your previliege,that we gave you
You have reservations against saving money
When our economy is struggling
You have seen only deep pockets of rich
The common people are struggling
Can you do anything for them?
You know only to organise rallys and bandhs
Against every other issue,without doing anything
Which could solve the real problem
You know well to create smoke screen
of activism,saying we are fighting against government
Dont forget we are watching you
We know your acting inside and outside parliament
If you cant attend the parliamentary sessions
and participate in important debates
Why are you hanging to your membership?
You stalls the proceedings over silly problems
Have you ever counted the losses that you cause
When you stall proceedings in parliament
Those lost money could have wiped out tears
of thousands of poor people
If you cant help in the functioning of the institution
For the sake of these fools
Forgo your daily allowance for that day
If you cant attend the sessions,quit the position
Let someone else take your place
If you cant discuss and find solutions
for the issues affecting common people
Leave the space and stop acting as social servers
You are just actor who fold hands for vote
And goes to Delhi to amass wealth
You know how to market
even the smallest project you undertake
with the MP fund that you've got
Then,why dont you raise our issues
In parliament with all your might
You got our support,hence you are there
If you cant serve our needs,just quit and walk away
Go and serve some those leaders you worship
For the god's sake,don't come for asking vote again!
Its a shame that when people are suffering,
you can find time to fight out some sensational news
Give us the right to call back all the members
who don't discharge their duty,
Law must change,either serve or perish
There should be ban on those lazy bones
who get all the luxury in the name of people
Brothers and sisters ,lets come together
This is the time for us to act
Either they should work,or we should slap them out
from the political world
They arent any leaders
We are the real leaders
We spend our effort to earn money to feed ourselves
These politicians feed on us,saying that they serves us
Realise,power is with us,
Without us they are nothing
Stop giving money to the parties
Which does nothing for the public
They show political strength to quell
the public uprising
We are the majority,they are just minority
If they need vote,they should show
What they have done in concrete
for the welfare of public
so either serve or get out of our parliament
We sent you on our behalf
You have no right to abuse our trust
Serve or Quit ,indian parliamentarians

Words for a soul

In this divine day of love
I shower all the love in my heart
In these words to let you know
That you are still in my heart
Like a beautiful cat with a gorgeous smile
That enlightens my life
Like a rhythm that flows, as words
Precious than my heartbeats
Reminding me to live on
With a hope, so strong and inspiring
My every single step ahead
Your words still rings inside my heart
Like breathe of endearing music
And it keeps me positive
I am smiling, like you once asked for
I am fighting with that zest
To go places as one you told me
I drained all my tears
With prayers for your smile
I failed to throng your heart
With bunch of happiness and care
Instead, I made you cry
In the name of all your tears
I pledge my love for you
Even though I am not in your heart
You will always be in my heart
As a candle light of goodwill
As a mesmerising tax less wish
As a cattie angel of good times

Night Rain

its a beautiful night.....
where is the moon and stars?
clouds did u hide them from me?
oh you wind..
why are you waving fiercly?
now that i m listening to u
the tiny miny droplets of rain
how did u learn the music?
love works in mysterious ways and friendship courts the night ... rain
brings waves of cleaning and renewal to the face of life
rain can bring freshness into extinct hearts
revitalising thoughts in a positive way
rain can wash away all those negativeness
just like as if nothing happened ever
oh that wind that drags the rain across the sky
daring all who get near to feel the utter darkness that lies within
whipping the world into a vortex of feelings and emotions
bringing lost and lonely souls to the apex
swirling them in a flow of retrospection
in search of a brighter light of hope
to find ways to escape to a shelter
where peace is awaiting to heal them
drumming rain drenching the world in colors
colors of brite and light matching piece by piece
into the darkness of night ... falling falling
unsure and unattached falling .....
when seen with heart,even in darkness
one can see those beautiful color fall
as if its a heavenly flourishing of blessings
for giving salvation to every molecule of nature
souls peek from behind the fast moving clouds
feeling the rain .... dreaming of life
hope and happiness
may this rain bring resounding magic
spreading waves of happiness all across
changing the way life looks like
a welcome change for the lost souls

This poem is written in association with my friend Katyayani.We had great time in writing this more of an interactive poetry. Images thanks to farm4.static.flickr & ikigaiway

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Theatre of my dreams

Sitting at the small gallery
In that old football ground
Where anyone hardly play football
Still only cricket dominating
With number of pitches at different spots
Fielders everywhere waiting for their respective balls
Watching those old trees with beautiful flowers
Memories run back as if to catch the past
I found a small guy who used to watch curiously
From the bus stop, at those playing in the middle
Dreaming about playing someday there
Hitting the ball out of the ground like them
He saw so many battles out there
Sitting underneath those big trees
Without worrying about scorching sun
Or drizzling rains.
Numerous hilarious moments
Serious debates with total strangers
And those silly fights with the people
Numerous friends he made from there
From being a spectator to some one in the middle
Years went so fast, huh still
Days of bunking in search of playing time
Comes so fresh in mind
Some passion kept him going
Forgetting everything while being there
Now more of a philosophical refuge
To go some time and to sit
Then watch youngsters playing around
Reliving those tense moments in the middle
But now there is no familiar faces around
Only those big trees, the park, the skating ring
And the temple saying hello to him
As if, they were old friends

See dreams,girl

When you are tired
Lay on your bed
Close your eyes,
Ease out your mind
Let it free to fly around
See those angels around
Singing songs of love
See those birds flying with freedom
Look at the joy in their eyes
See those beaches,
Walk along those beaches
Seeing those waves
See all those beautiful cats
Take them in your hand
Pamper them and see those beautiful smiles
You will feel that happiness
That will take away your tensions
Sing your favourite songs
See those rainbows swaying with your song
Run around just like when you were kid
Swim in those beautiful lakes
Take those beautiful roses
And feel the fragrance of love
Feel the fragrance of courtesy
Feel the fragrance of friendship
Feel the fragrance of happiness
Keep one rose on your hair
And watch yourself on the mirror
You will feel like a queen
Dance along with the tunes of angels
Then paint those beautiful sceneries
In the canvas of your heart
Lumber yourself into a sweet sleep
Enjoying life in a dreamy world
You will wake up freshened up
With beautiful smile on your eyes
All those pains will vanish
You will feel a brand new spirit
The spirit of hope and happiness!

Stop Crying,My friend

How long will you cry?
Until tonight, or dawn tomorrow or until death
Do you think tears are the only way left?
For you, to escape, from all your pain
That is tearing your heart now
If everyone starts crying together
It will fill the earth with new oceans of tears
As everyone, have problems
Won’t the life come to standstill?
If everyone starts worrying
About all those pains of the past
One cannot bring back the lost moments
One cannot bestow breath upon a dead person
Then, what is the point in crying?
Over those moments, that is history
Understand the fact, my friend
Nobody will be worrying about you
As much as you worry for others
So stop crying for others over silly issues
Everyone is on a mission in life
Some times situation demands
Taking tough decisions for goodness
But regretting and crying over that
Won’t make any difference for you
If there is chance for redemption
You can try out your luck
But crying for unchangeable things
Can just leave you sick, nothing else
A second that passed by wont comeback
Like that, you cannot relive old moments
Stop living in the past, its history
Live in the present and see around
Dream about a bright future
As it is the only hope,
For which, each individual live
 For some, it is about getting rid of poetry
For some, its about getting good job
For some, its about getting love
For some, its about safer future of children
Wishes about future are endless
Then why you should be alone
Crying about silly issues, for nothing
There is only one life for everyone
This is the only chance given by the god
To experience the great existence
Living through various stages
From childhood to youth to old age
Life is not just about fun and joy
The pain and relief is another side
That you should handle with ease
Just like you smile and laugh around
Wash your face and wipe out tears
Bring back a nice smile on your face
Talk with all those around
You will find how happy or sad they are
You will get to hear about their sorrows
You will get to hear about their jubilance
And you will know, there are stories
Behind every smiling face that you see
You will understand, how brave they are
Facing those challenges, without showing
Any glimpse of sorrow on their face
Life is all about living it as such
There are no secret formulas to be happy
More you think and worry
More depressed you will become
Think again, does it worth anything
You are neglecting those who need you
Yet worrying about who don’t care
Mistakes happen, its human trait
There is no need to spoil, yourself for that
Just feel sorry for it and work well
So that you won’t be having any issue
Be positive and keep the mind strong
If you feel so down, walk alone
See those people walking in hurry
Without showing trace of sorrows
Immerse yourself in this busy world
With every second meaning valuable
To your earnest quest for peace