23 Nov 2009


Drums are beating,
Heartbeats of life!
It dances with passing moments.

It’s tense,
For, some good things, to happen.

Expecting, the unexpected!

Someone’s is sad,
And, that of other one is enjoying.
So contrasting!

The creator of comedies,
And, the dictator of tragedies,
It is the judge,
Which decides,
The Future path of life.

These beats are the bits;
Of dreams of someone,
And, it’s the prayers,
Offered to the god.

Love-sick is the madness,
That causes the trouble,
To the rhythm of these,
“Sweet beats.”

It’s the tears,
Untouched glory!
And, that of lost hopes.

It’s still beating,
Beating in accord,
With the tune stringed,
“By the mighty god,
in the heaven”.


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