26 Nov 2009

Cloned Baby

Everyone long to have a cute baby
Once they grow into their youth
With strong feelings of affection
Running inside the heart
To care an innocent face
As the time changed
Relations are in anarchy
Arranged marriages or love marriages
Now there’s no guarantee of getting along together
Egos are fighting it out over every silly thing
Nobody wants to give a damn inch

Dating is no more than a farce event
Many looking for one nightstand
Or to have live in relations without commitments
Age is not a bar anymore
                                  Some rush to marriage, thinking that it will work
Soon to part ways over some fights
Gays and lesbians are just like other couples
It’s hard to believe

Abandoned girls over pregnancy
Or girls walking away for lonely life
Single mothers and single fathers
A reality hurts some times
Time and time again

Cheating husbands and cheating wives
Secret affairs that kills integrity of marriages
Divorces are just like any other formality
No value for relations
There is no love for a lifetime
As people are looking for that elusive love

The long battles for the possession of kids
It’s emotional war fought by attorneys
You can see tearful fathers and mothers
Seeing the court giving the rights of kids
To ex-spouses
Some may never get to see their beloved kids

There arises the question
What about having a cloned baby?
Countless couples struggle to have kids of their own blood
With treatments never yielding results
Some have to rely on donor banks
For getting pregnant
Giving an hidden feeling of guilt of failure
To the partners

Some have to rely on surrogate mothers
They hire their motherhood for someone else’s happiness
For some money
As mere carriers,
They never get to take care of those kids
Whom they given birth after ten long months
They face emotional separation for a lifetime

Why can’t authorities allow people to have cloned babies?
As the technologies are evolving
We have the dolly and other cloned animals
Lived in front of us
May be there’s some short comings
But I feel someone has to take initiative
That could change the lives of millions
Soon hapless cheated singles can have cloned babies
They won’t have to find out utopian partners
They can just have their babies
A reason worthwhile for living, than suffering alone
About-lost love and life
Then those hated lesbians and gays can have kids
Which once all believed as impossible scenario

Let’s make science fiction into reality
If guys can give birth to kid
With sophisticated techniques
Let’s have artificial wombs and incubators
Where babies can grow in peace
And doctors can keep the process in check
Babies are source for happiness
Every one has the right to have own babies
Those who oppose abortion
Open your eyes
See the pain of millions who crave for kids
Without emotional breakdown from relations

May be we can have a better world
With less unhappy relations
Let the singles be virgin parents, if they wish so
As they can’t bear the turbulence of relation
So that they have someone to look after in old age
Let couples have kids from their blood
And have some happiness in their families
You all support research on deadly weapons
For killing hapless and innocent people
Why you can’t let cloned babies to come to this world with smiles?
Just like those test tube babies did some decades back
I am waiting for seeing the smile of a cloned baby


Pankaj Batra said...

Very true reflection of changing society.
Keep up the good work

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for your encouragement.