23 Nov 2009

David Beckham the Icon

In the early nineties,
A bunch of young lads progressed,
From the academy of Manchester united!
Who, later turned out to be the champions,
surged into the senior squad of United.

Among those, there was a gem
named “David Beckham”!

Everyone noticed him for the looks,
But he proved that his legs has more value,

The goal from the halfway line
Announced the arrival of the star!
From free kicks to corners to penalties,
David weaved magic on the football pitch,

Running down the right flank,
Putting crosses across the goalmouth,
He created chances after chances,
and numerous goals were scored on those.

He may not be a great dribbler,
But, he is one of the best crosser and passer,
in the game of football.

He reaped success after success with red devils,
The “NO: 7” ,became an iconic number.
He became a super star, groomed by SAF,
He became a cult hero, youth Icon!
With fans across the world emulating,
his ever-changing haircuts.

The passion, he brings out of himself,
Also, from the team,
During matches is enormous.

Many a match won on his late bursts,
The red card against Argentina,
Put a black mark on his game.

But, beating all odds, he bounced back
The free kick,
Against Germany is a piece of history.

The penalty,
Under pressure against Argentina,
he buried the ball past the keeper, for a sweet revenge!

From the darling of old Trafford,
he switched to be the darling of Bernabau,
He became a part of elite galacticos,
producing excellent football without success!

But ended the stay at Bernabeu,
inspiring the madristas to a title!

He may be a brand ambassador for corps,
But, he is the global ambassador for football.

Ventured into the Americas,
A challenge to spread, wings of soccer there.

He presented innumerous divine crosses,
Scored gems of goals,
From, the dead ball scenario!

That curve on the ball,
Every one says, “Bend it like Beckham”!

It’s a gift of the god for him
The ability to pass,
from any part of the pitch,
with amazing pinpoint accuracy.

With his academies,
he is grooming talents,
to succeed his legacy!

His legacy will remain forever,
As an iconic footballer, who thrilled the hearts.

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