29 Nov 2009

Don't you wish !!

Don’t you wish to have a shop?
From where you could buy happiness when you are sad
And some device which could store happiness
Unlike your heart for longer period

Don’t you wish to sell your tears and buy smiles in return?
As you, find hard to console your lonely heart
When things go wrong

Don’t you wish to have a cloning center?
From where you could get your loved one back
As love is hard to forget
And getting over a heart break
Some times becomes more than impossible
As the more you try, the more it haunts
Its better you get the clone of your love
To have a make believe life

Don’t you wish to insure your dreams and hopes?
So that you always get compensation for all your losses
That hurts your heart and gets you back the joy
At the earliest as possible
With great interests and add-ons
As, you can endure happy times
But, you can’t endure sad times

Don’t you wish to have a safe locker?
Where you could deposit
Your haunting memories of past
So that you don’t get nightmares

Don’t you wish to have a time machine?
So that you can always relive the moments
You love the most
Or era’s which you wish to be in
This is in past or in future

Don’t you wish to have a dream machine?
So that you can live your fantasies
Or live a kind of life that you dreamed off
With someone special, that never materialized

Don’t you wish to have a memorial park?
Where you could meet the souls of deceased
Who are closer to your heart!
Whenever you miss them and want to talk to them
So that you can live with the belief
As if your loved ones are always with you
No matter whether they are alive or not

These wishes are beautiful
But if it becomes true
Then this life will turn
To be a matrix of happiness

May this earth become a heaven!
And you get everything you want
May all the dreams come true!
And happiness sustain everywhere
It’s a tax less wish that you can have
Whenever you feel, you are lost
As sometimes fairy tale, thoughts can hide your pain for good

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