23 Nov 2009

for Achiii

 Thousands of words that i use
Wont be good enough to say cheese
Cos i dont make some body smile
but all smiles when they hear ma words
Thats why i believe u will smile all the way
Dreams are there that you hide from urself
just open up yourheart and say i will get it
you are not a coward ,then why u say good bye
Sister fighting the odds
is what make stronger ppl
Warriors fight for the life
But u fight for ur dreams
U fight for your smile
keep smiling the way u smile now
just look at the future
bright and colorful
the ever beautiful nature is waiting ya
To come back and hit the road
to see the springs of life
the ever smiling flowers
just look around we all r behind ya
cheering for ya to come and jump in joy
hundreds are smiles are awaiting ya
then why should ya fear
why should ya say good bye.........
all i wanna hear frum u is
i gotta dream ,i gotta flyyyyyy
i will come backkkkkkkkkkkk
i willcome backkkkkkkkkkkkkk


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